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Harry Rosen by Gary Taxali

In November Harry Rosen will introduce a playful new collection of five special edition pocket squares designed by Canadian artist Gary Taxali. The 100% silk pocket squares, created exclusively for Canada’s premiere menswear retailer, celebrate the culturally-rich heritage of Canada and the featured cities: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Each of Taxali’s unique designs plays off of the character, culture and landmarks of the particular city. The results are a set of colourful, comical, and highly wearable, collector’s item. [ Continue reading ]

Geoff McFetridge for Jack Spade

We really like the collection and campaign of our friends at Jack Spade for their autumn/winter 2013 season, created by Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge. Adopting a simple ‘work and play’ theme throughout the campaign and making great use of abstract art, geometric shapes and primary colors, this latest offering from the label is playful and uplifting. [ Continue reading ]

The Perfect White Shirt

We like the story of cees n co, a little brand founded in June of this year by Sao Paulo-born Arien de Vries to create the perfect white shirt for men. De Vries has lived in Amsterdam since 1980 where she completed the Rietveld Academy in 1986, studying theater design. After graduating she has worked as a costume designer for various theater companies, operas and television. Inspired by working with all these different people and fashion-styles originated the idea to define the classic men's shirt in its ultimate form. Where women have their little black dress, in the eyes of de Vries men should have their perfect white shirt - and we totally agree on that!  [ Continue reading ]

Wayside Flower

Wayside Flower is a recently opened webstore exclusively selling British handmade products, from clothing to accessories and jewelry. The original store, studio and workplace are family owned and based on the East Yorkshire coast in Bridlington's Old Town. The name 'Wayside Flower' comes from an old Bridlington fishing Trawler as many of the products produced by Wayside Flower take inspiration from Bridlington's seafaring heritage. The store in Bridlington also offers vintage clothing and goods, but the new online environment focusses solely on limited edition and made to order handmade products. [ Continue reading ]

Modern Matter 05

We really like the 5th issue of Modern Matter which was created around the concept of stellar. This is a homonym for its cover star, Stella Tennant on the first place, but is also a word to describe her. 'The interior space of a magazine is defined, by and large, by its writers, its artists and its photographers, while the outer space is often defined by a cover model. Here, Stella Tennant, iconic, playful, a born performer, and above all, independent, embodies the interior and the ethos of Modern Matter magazine, in its first truly unisex issue.' [ Continue reading ]

A Day in the Life of a British Clothing Factory

We really like this video by Danny Cooke giving an inside look into the Long Eaton factory of Sunspel Clothing. It shows the detail involved in the making of their products, specifically the Sea Island Cotton t-shirt. Sunspel’s Sea Island cotton is the finest cotton in the world. It is handpicked in the Carribean, woven in Switzerland and then handcrafted in their Long Eaton factory. [ Continue reading ]

40 Years of Patagonia

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, California-based outdoor clothing brand Patagonia have released The Legacy collection. A collection that solely takes inspiration from Patagonia’s iconic pieces located in their archives. Down jackets, fleece vests, multi-paneled rock-climbing pants, and element-repelling outerwear which made Patagonia the well-known brand it is today are being reproduced in their original styles. Photographed by Foster Huntington, the lookbook created for the collection shows Foster's friend Trevor, with whom the photographer took a trip in a 1991 Jeep Comanche, which Trevor bought, all the way from Fort Collins in Colorado back to California dressed in different pieces of the collection. [ Continue reading ]

Études by Terrazzo Project

Lausanne-based designers Philippe-Albert Lefebvre and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard who work under the eponym Terrazzo Project have created an appealing interior design for fashion brand Études' pop-up store that closed it's doors in Paris on the 30th of June after being open a month. The low table, a large central table and clothing rack bases were all designed by Lefebvre and Halmaï-Voisard and made of their signature material terrazzo complemented with wood. The pop-up boutique carried both the Études Spring/Summer (No. 2) 2013 collection and their self-published books. [ Continue reading ]

Norwegian Rain Spring/Summer 2014

With summers in the Netherlands being very unpredictable (although we can't complain now) it's wise to have good rainwear all year around and our favourite Norwegian Rain succeeds once more in delivering a very impressive collection. The look-book for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection, again, is a lovely one. Shot by regular Norwegian Rain collaborator Bent René Synnevåg and styled by Emely Catherina Skjelbred Murray it perfectly resonate the eye for detail, the amazing fabrics and beautiful colour palette. [ Continue reading ]

The House of Peroni

This week The House of Peroni will open its doors in London. For one month only it will showcase todays most exciting creative talent defining contemporary Italian culture. You will get a chance to attend at events and workshops including a talk with Giovanni Alessi Anghini about what inspired the creation of his iconic products, a tour with Andrea Morgante looking at the Italian influence on Londonʼ skyline and much more. [ Continue reading ]

Harry Stedman

Our friends from London recently brought the in 2011 founded menswear label Harry Stedman under our attention. Based in London, the brand champions key facets of classic American and European attire, actively blending old with new to achieve a modern style that resonates with today’s discerning gent. In the pursuit of truly timeless style they secure only the finest fabrics and have forged valuable relationships with leading domestic and international manufacturers. [ Continue reading ]

Sleepy Jones

We really like Sleepy Jones, the latest endeavor of the ever-inspiring Andy Spade and long-time collaborators Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri. After years of working together at kate spade, Jack Spade and Partners & Spade, the three set out to create a company that believes, in contrary to contemporary stimuli-fueled life, in the virtues of taking your time, wondering and pondering about whatever crosses the mind. The result is an impressive collection of sleepwear, underwear and not-quite-ready-to-wear for men and women inspired by the lifestyles of people like George Plimpton and Pablo Picasso.  [ Continue reading ]

H. Lorenzo by Topsy Design

This beautiful H. Lorenzo retail space in Los Angeles was designed by Jared Frank. Frank, who up to this point had mostly worked as a production designer and residential decorator, made some pleasing aesthetic choices creating a fitting environment for the fashion sold at the store. When Lorenzo Hadar purchased the building next to his men's store in West Hollywood he wanted to turn the ground floor into an annex that could function as a stand alone shop. A place to try out new clothes, ideas, and designers before committing to carrying them at his other locations in Los Angeles.  [ Continue reading ]

Darr, New York

During our trip to New York City last month we visited this amazing Brooklyn-based store called Darr. The spot on combination and great curation of vintage and new objects, clothing and accessories amazed us profoundly. Co-owners Hicham Benmira, a Casablanca-born former Takashimaya personal shopper, and former video editor Brian Cousins excel in collecting products out of the broadest of spectrums. They cull objects industrial and romantic, rustic and sophisticated, ancient and modern, yet everything fits together perfectly. [ Continue reading ]

The Gold Of The Andes

We are highly inspired by this story of The Inouie Brothers participating in The Chaccu, the Incan ceremony of solidarity, to harvest as the Incas believed the finest material created by Pacha Mama. In the eyes of the original inhabitants of the Andes the Vicuña animals were reincarnations of young maidens, rewarded with a coat of pure gold in return for giving life to their civilisation. They called it "The Gold Of The Andes".  [ Continue reading ]


We really like the last year's November opened Otsuka-Dofukuten store designed by Yusuke Seki. The store is located at the feet of the Yasaka Shrine which is a Shinto shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto, Japan. The beautifully designed store has as a goal to reintroduce the traditional Japanese kimono culture. The kimono is a cloth which traditionally had a varying range of prices and quality. Therefore the cloth was affordable within different layers of Japanese society and people wore kimonos in everyday life. Over the last decades however it became more and more common to only wear a kimono on special occasions which resulted in the industry focusing on expensive, high quality kimonos and the cheaper (quality) cloths became less and less available. [ Continue reading ]

Aether Store SF

We really like the latest collaboration between AETHER and Paris-based designer Thierry Gaugain, who also was involved with the creation of AETHERstream, in the realization of their first-ever stand alone retail store. The store, named AETHERsf. will be located in San Fransisco's Hayes Valley. The construction will be made out of three 8‘ x 9.6‘ x 40’ shipping containers and is the combined work of Gaugain, envelope a+d, and AETHER's founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West. [ Continue reading ]

Art Comes First

With all the fashion fairs ahead during the coming weeks, there's a lot to share. From collaborations (Nigel Cabourn with Midori Notebooks) to new and upcoming brands, it's all there. First one is a project by  Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, together with one of our favourite designers T-Michael (designer at Norwegian Rain, amongst others). Sam and Shaka selected a group of creatives from all over the world to create the essential sartorial travel pack.  [ Continue reading ]

Blue Jeans

Over the past year we've been working on an exhibition on denim which opened last week in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Putting together 350 years of denim history into a more than 100 meter long indigo timeline. A rich history including classic paintings from 'The Master of the Blue Jeans' and old sample books dating back to the 18th century, to the designs of Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, Marithé + François Girbaud and Yves Saint Laurent - and one of the oldest Levi's and Lee jeans to Momotaro, Atelier Tossijn, Naked & Famous and Rapha - it's all there.
We've created a more than 100 meters long cabinet, starting like a loom in an almost black indigo colour, morphing to slate blue and finally ending in a bright white workshop. A three-dimensional timeline showing the rich history of 350 years of Blue Jeans. The exhibition is accompanied with a book we've designed together with Studio wilfredtimo, which will be available at Tenue de Nîmes (a.o.) anytime soon.

Blue Jeans — 23 November 2012 until 10 March 2013,
Centraal Museum, Nicolaaskerkhof 10, Utrecht, the Netherlands, open Tue - Sun 11.00h – 17.00h

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And more on Blue Jeans at the Centraal Museum after the click > [ Continue reading ]

Sruli Recht’s Sniper

The Australian designer Sruli Recht, know for his avant-garde style of fashion- and accessory design, created this futuristic 308 Callibre Heavy-barrel sniper-rifle. Made from hand cut maple, sun-bleached, rubbed down with black horse hide and stripped of colour it, the gun is part of… [ Continue reading ]