Harry Stedman

Our friends from London recently brought the in 2011 founded menswear label Harry Stedman under our attention. Based in London, the brand champions key facets of classic American and European attire, actively blending old with new to achieve a modern style that resonates with today’s discerning gent. In the pursuit of truly timeless style they secure only the finest fabrics and have forged valuable relationships with leading domestic and international manufacturers.

The clothing not only represents great creative and emotional investment, but also a grand recognition of the achievements of our forebears, who hail from both sides of the Atlantic. Harry Stedman doesn’t aim to replicate garments of past, but rather create new, exciting clothing that demonstrates skill and forward-thinking vision. Inspiration is drawn from varied avenues of life, both past and present, though an overriding catalyst remains present in the form of Mr. Harry Stedman.

Born in Liverpool in 1932 Harry Stedman has led a tremendous life, one filled with many passions, hardships and awe-inspiring world travel. Now in his 80s, Harry looks back on adventures great and small, having crafted the most unique of personal histories. His colourful life and enduring spirit help guide our efforts in menswear, providing a solid foundation for the brand’s DNA. In 1951, spurred on by tales of world travel passed down by his brothers serving in the military, Harry enlisted in the British Army. In the years to follow Harry would find himself in all manner of exotic locations, delivering his unique brand of humour, curiosity and devil-may-care attitude to locations such as New York, Libya, Argentina and beyond.

Throughout these adventures Harry soaked up local culture, particularly whilst in New York. The city spoke to him in ways Liverpool couldn’t, exposing him to the wilds of Rock ‘n Roll, a number of sartorial discoveries and to a gritty working man’s life that was nigh folklore in his native land. It was there he discovered classic dockers’ workwear, the luxury of fine Brooks Brothers shirting and a whole host of music inspired styles that had yet to filter to the British Isles.

The debut lookbook of the Britsh brand was shot by Damien van der Vlist and styled by Atip W.