Wayside Flower

Wayside Flower is a recently opened webstore exclusively selling British handmade products, from clothing to accessories and jewelry. The original store, studio and workplace are family owned and based on the East Yorkshire coast in Bridlington’s Old Town. The name ‘Wayside Flower’ comes from an old Bridlington fishing Trawler as many of the products produced by Wayside Flower take inspiration from Bridlington’s seafaring heritage. The store in Bridlington also offers vintage clothing and goods, but the new online environment focusses solely on limited edition and made to order handmade products.

All of the Wayside Flower products offered online are lovingly crafted, using authentic techniques and British materials from wool to yarns, wherever possible. The traditional Fisherman’s Gansey hand knitted sweaters and wonderful traditional canvas Kagoule jackets stand out. Although the focus lays on traditional designs and materials, new styles will be added to the collection each month with a clear focus on knit- and outerwear.

In the Journal attached to the webstore the traditional techniques used in the production process of the cloths are explained, but it is also the platform on which elements of the fishing tradition of Bridlington will be shared as they are the main source of inspiration for everything made by Wayside Flower.

Visit the webstore here!