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Forget me Not

We very much like these hand finished silk and modal & cashmere large printed scarves designed by the French illustrator Coco for the Forget me Not autumn/winter collection. Truly amazing illustrations! The collection is available online and in stores including Barney’s, Harrods, Colette, tomorrowland, estnation,… [ Continue reading ]

Fantastic Spin

Yesterday Fantastic Man started with a movie series by Lernert & Sander who, on a sunny day in London filmed in super slow motion two professional figure skaters spinning in the newest autumn fashions. Today Fantastic Spin #2 in Hermès. [ Continue reading ]

Fred Perry x The Specials

Last week Fred Perry launched their special collaboration with The Specials. Two really nice shirts, staying true to the band’s ethos of ‘black and white unite’ with mixed black and white leaves of the Laurel Wreath embroidery. (images of the shirt by… [ Continue reading ]

Roses for Democracy

More new collections from the North: The Soulland Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook arrived a few seconds ago and we're excited to share it with you.

Soulland is continuing their authentic and truly amazing style designed by Silas Adler in a fresh and colorful way, photographed by Nikolaj Møller under the art direction of Marco Pedrollo. Specially love the glasses, designed by Soulland for Illesteva. [ Continue reading ]

Won Hundred by James Pfaff

A few days ago Danish brand Won Hundred opened an exhibition showing this years new Autumn and Winter collection at the Outside World Gallery in London. In a specially curated selection of images by British photographer James Pfaff the exhibition breaks free from the traditional ‘Lookbook’ to … [ Continue reading ]

Redeeming Indigo

A few weeks back we were pointed to an article written by Michael Taussig called ‘Redeeming Indigo’. The article was published by Theory, Culture & Society ((SAGE, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore), Vol. 25(3): 1–15)  back in 2008 but after a little research I found out… [ Continue reading ]

Get Low

Still Stile featured a whole row of my favorite movies over the past month, with Get Low on top of that list. ‘Get Low tells the story of the hermit Felix Bush, who resides in a small log hut on his large estate in the woods. [ Continue reading ]

City lights & wild shores

Our good friends from Copenhagen Libertine-Libertine mailed us this lovely series of pictures shot by Sacha Maric under art direction of Marco Pedrollo for their autumn winter collection for 2011. ‘Strongly inspired by city lights, wild shores and the Danish maritime history Libertine-Libertine’s AW11 collection… [ Continue reading ]

Back from Berlin

We’re back from two days Berlin – two days at four fairs with too many brands doing all the same. A few brands stayed in mind, a few details caught our eyes. Like the lovely striped espadrilles by Armor Lux, the crazy denim fabrics by… [ Continue reading ]

The Greatest Game

Since Still Stile launched its ‘official’ blog they are featuring some really good movies, sharing the best and most inspiring details from these moving pictures. The latest addition ‘isn’t exactly what you would call a “great movie”… it is however a great movie regarding style, shooting and the… [ Continue reading ]

A Fashion Stamp

Founding father and designer behind Soulland Silas Adler has designed a fashion stamps for the Danish postal service, Post Danmark. This is the first time in Danish history that Post Danmark is issuing fashion stamps. The stamp will be revealed and released on August 4th during Copenhagen Fashion… [ Continue reading ]

Species. A Tribute

Last week the Amsterdam based textile designer Nanna van Blaaderen opened an exhibition at Droog. Amazing textile designs, wonderful sculptural knits, as gentle to the skin as they are to the environment she develops textiles that integrate comfort, elegance, quality and sustainability. Be sure… [ Continue reading ]

Post Gravity

“What awaits us beyond constraints of time, form and place” Last week one of todays most challenging magazines for the iPad launched its second issue. Post Gravity, an amazing publication full of moving images, beautiful sounds and inspiring articles focussing on fashion, art,… [ Continue reading ]


It looks like my hometown Utrecht is slowly waking up. Sure, we've had already for a long time one of the best (gentle)men's shop of the Netherlands called Cris, a few really good restaurants like my favorite Restaurant Deeg, and the best coffee at The Village Coffee & Music.
But it looks like more entrepreneurs daring to do exciting things. [ Continue reading ]

Nigel Cabourn

Last year Tenue de Nîmes was invited to New Castle by Nigel Cabourn. He wanted to share a sneak preview with us of his 2011 Spring Summer collection. He told us about his search for old designs, materials and fabrics. He shared some of his most bizarre finds with us and told us about his quest to put these finds in a contemporary, Nigel Cabourn perspective. This search for a perspective led him to this season's theme: The Submarine. [ Continue reading ]

Tenue de Nîmes Basics

This Spring Tenue de Nîmes launches the first chapter of a hand-crafted private label. The initial idea of the private label is that each Tenue de Nîmes garment will be built in limited, exclusive quantities, under decent, proper circumstances from the best available materials that our suppliers can get their hands on. Tenue de Nîmes devotes itself to re-building daily icons (like the men´s shirt) that unite quality and craftsmanship and combine style with soberness. [ Continue reading ]

Meet JJ Mercer

A collection inspired by the East coast preppy styling, the words of Jack Kerouac, the military Vietnam war era, Hawaii and the West coast surfers; Meet John-Jack Mercer a.k.a. JJ Mercer. ‘The JJ Mercer collection is a cohesive representation of four decades of Americana.’ I guess you can’t… [ Continue reading ]

L_A_N Magazine

We lately found out about this ad-free print magazine called L_A_N, ‘a publication for the fashionable futurist with an interest in the world of tomorrow, today.’ It’s a melting-pod of crazy, beautiful, challenging and cutting edge features on design, fashion and refreshing perspectives. Their second issue showcases… [ Continue reading ]


Daniel Askill, known for his beautiful short movie ‘We Have Decided Not To Die’ was hired to create this promotional video to introduce the new and colorful line of  the Australian cult fashion label Ksubi. Kolors is a fume-fuelled, slow-motion battle between three colour-clad… [ Continue reading ]

On Another Shelf #5

We’ve put together a special Queensday shelf, to celebrate the color orange (and the queen of the Netherlands…) 1. Knit-ted look book fall 2010 2. Journal de Nîmes Nº6, the Dutch issue 3. Cuvée René Gueuze Lambic Beer 4. [ Continue reading ]

Baldr Collective

Here’s another new menswear label on the horizon. Baldr Collective, a entirely European made label with its origins in Norway just released their first collection of t-shirts and mens button downs. They started with the aim to reinvent and redefine the scandinavian values within design, craftsmanship and materials… [ Continue reading ]

Falling Apart – Won Hundred

We’ve always loved Won Hundred’s appreciation for simplicity and understated design. With their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection they are going back to the 60’s, the London subculture of the Mods and their ‘Clean living under difficult circumstances’. ‘A nostalgic memory of days gone by, people you ones knew,… [ Continue reading ]