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Quiet Earth

A little over a year ago, the New York City-based Asya Geisberg Gallery opened a new exhibition named 'Quiet Earth' featuring new works by American collage artist Matthew Craven. Unfortunately we missed the inspirational display at the time, but recently our friend Merijn at …,staat pointed it out to us and we have been infatuated by the haunting works from that moment. The exhibition featured a series of works on paper, combined together rhythmically repeating a flattening of time and scale. In the imagery, Craven combines found images of antiquity with abstract hand-drawn patterns of ambiguous origin, and often subsequently painting walls to emphasize aesthetic choices that personalize his project. Ever-curious and controlled in his choice of placement and mark, as per usual the artist created enigmatic combinations, that despite (or maybe because) their encyclopedic nature, always succeed to engage our gaze and force curiosity about each specific reference and composition.

Craven always begins his imagery on an aged background, often vintage movie posters with yellowing tape, finding images in old books that are never glossy. As his collages compress millennia by placing the prehistoric next to the modern, they shift around time: the distance between the image’s creation and our grasp of its significance, the hours searching for appropriate materials, the cultivation of isolated fragments before evolving into Craven’s artistic universe. Several of the works use the landscape, colorful and present, to form a dialogue with the silent man-made artworks, adding an exciting visual layer. It seems as Craven is saying that we exist today because of our pre-historic past, and all cultures share the same planet. From a greater distance, the differences melt away (which too many people seem to forget now a days!), and just as all landscapes share underlying structure and forms (hence the quietness of the earth, possibly), so too do Craven’s stone temples, monuments, and patterns. The result is a highly fascinating series of work forming a quest through human history without ever losing our interest on an aesthetic level. We can't wait for more aesthetic journeys from the mind of Matthew Craven. [ Continue reading ]

Jake Scharbach

'THE ECHO’S DECAY' opening on the 14th of October at the Brilliant Champions Gallery, New York City

On the 14th of October, New York City-based Brilliant Champions Gallery will present 'THE ECHO’S DECAY', which will be already the fifth solo exhibition in New York by American painter Jake Scharbach, whose incredible work we only recently discovered. 'THE ECHO’S DECAY' includes a selection of recent paintings representative of the artist's richly complex content and visual imagery — bringing together an eye-pleasing modern color palette, oftenly the juxtapositioning of remarkable iconic imagery in diptychs, portrayed in a realist style infused with an intrinsic pop cultural dimension. [ Continue reading ]

The Keeper

Running for only a few more days, (so when around New York City make sure to still catch it!) 'The Keeper' is an inspirational and remarkably designed exhibition dedicated to the act of preserving objects, artworks, images and to the passions that inspire this undertaking — which makes it for us, as avid collectors and collection lovers, a must visit. The curation that's on display in the New York City-based New Museum forms a reflection on the impulse to save both the most precious and the apparently valueless, bringing together a variety of imaginary museums, personal collections, and unusual assemblages, revealing the devotion with which artists, collectors, scholars, and hoarders have created sanctuaries for endangered images and artifacts. In surveying varied techniques of display, the exhibition also reflects on the function and responsibility of museums within multiple economies of desire. The eye catcher of the exhibition is 'Partners (The Teddy Bear Project)' (2002), a vast display conceived by Ydessa Hendeles. Composed of over 3000 family-album photographs of people posing with teddy bears, and vitrines containing antique teddy bears, Hendeles’s project establishes the teddy bear as a metaphor for the consolatory power of artworks and images and underscores the symbiotic relationship that ties people to their objects of affection.

Subsequently, through a selection of studies and portraits that spans the twentieth century, the exhibition tells the stories of various individuals through the objects they chose to safeguard, exposing the diverse motivations that inspired them to endow both great and mundane things with exceptional significance. As responses to loss, chronicles of experience, subjective quests, and archives for the future, the unusual collections and personal museums that are presented range from staggeringly maximalist efforts to modest struggles charged with urgency. [ Continue reading ]

Voyager Espresso

At the beginning of this year, a new specialty coffee bar named Voyager Espresso opened in a subway concourse in Manhattan’s Financial District, which we discovered last month through our friends of Superfuture. Architecture firm Only If was commissioned to develop an innovative architectural and interior design for its initial retail location in this unusual underground site. In contrast to the oh so familiar and saturated artisanal aesthetic of contemporary coffee culture, the shop’s design and material palette refers to the namesake spacecraft and scientific approach behind the Voyager. This resulted in walls which are clad in oriented strand board, transformed through the application of aluminum enamel paint. Work surfaces consist of black marble countertop, which refers to the texture of the walls. Elsewhere, perforated aluminum, copper, and black rubber are used. Without a doubt this forms one of the most interesting, perfectly executed industrial futuristic interior designs we have seen in a while, not to mention it being done for a coffee bar which is super refreshing to say the least. [ Continue reading ]

Boro Hotel

With our perfect trip to the West Coast coming to an end we take a look on the other side of the United States, where located in the heart of Dutch Kills, an emerging area in Long Island City - which borders the famous Astoria neighborhood - the beautiful Boro Hotel has just opened its doors. The new hotel is the first design centric boutique property in the rapidly evolving neighborhood. Designed by design firm Grzywinski+Pons, the hotel’s 108 guestrooms, studios and public spaces offer a fresh perspective by blending modern, minimalist interiors with the structure’s original concrete and cinderblock bones. Thoughtful touches infuse warmth into the space to create an appealing environment, including hand scraped oak floors, painted pallet wood paneling, and design elements that incorporate leather, cork and sisal materials. With as a result: a both modern yet elegant choice for our next trip to the Big Apple.  [ Continue reading ]


Chamber is an exciting new boutique of limited edition design, objects and art, which opens today in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The space’s unique concept and retail experience is the vision of Argentinian-born Founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda. Critically acclaimed architectural practice MOS has designed the interior of the space. Taking the Renaissance-era Cabinet of Curiosities as its inspiration, Chamber will be a twenty-first century reliquary for unusual objects and a platform for design experimentation. Every two years, Garcia Mosqueda will choose a different designer or creative to curate the shop’s entire program, bringing their unique viewpoint to Chamber through specially commissioned works, and rare and vintage items. For the inaugural curatorial period, he has selected designers Studio Job, who are working closely with a dynamic group of established and emerging designers and artists to create Chamber Collection #1. [ Continue reading ]

citizenM Times Square

Yesterday citizenM officially opened its first hotel in the USA, just off the corner of Broadway and 50th street citizenM Times Square the next chapter for the Dutch hotel chain was just opened. With its 21 floors and 230 rooms this is the biggest citizenM till date. The hotel with a city view boasting rooftop bar, a beautiful terrace and a sky gym including an outdoor yoga space, continues its persistent offer of affordable luxury and everything seems to be in order to succeed once again in delivering just that in New York. The lobby of the hotel has the familiar citizenM cosiness, and is open for guests and visitors, with the canteenM open 24 hours a day for quality food, coffee and even cocktails. The Times Square hotel also shows the continuation of the creative partnerships of citizenM. These include the involvement of architecture agency concrete, Vitra, bookstore MENDO and the amazing art collection one finds throughout the hotel. [ Continue reading ]

Paula Rubenstein

When we visited New York this October I did my homework beforehand. I tried to source new and unknown places, new retail concepts, the best restaurants, the galleries we could not miss - the usual. But I did not find that much. Just more of the same. Don’t get me wrong, that was still super good because we’re in New York, but I wasn’t blown away.
Until, between two appointments, after a quick espresso at La Colombe and a spare five minutes, I was making my way down Bond Street and stopped as soon as I saw a shop window. It wasn’t even particularly fancy but it did catch my eye for some reason: it was a nice little shop front with some old ceramic bowls on display and a huge old 'Black Cat' ad behind the window, yet it didn’t feel like any other vintage or antique store.

— As published in Journal de Nîmes No 9 — [ Continue reading ]

Rapha Cycle Club New York

As we are in New York City at this moment we are lucky enough to just have visited the recently opened Rapha Cycle Club New York, which opened its doors within the heart of the meatpacking district last September. Following the success of the first permanent Rapha Cycle Club which opened last year in London’s Soho, and the recently completed club in Sydney, the New York Cycle Club was once again beautifully designed by British agency Brinkworth. [ Continue reading ]

New York City Ballet presents New Beginnings

We are really impressed by this collaboration between DDB New York and the New York City Ballet called New Beginnings. Filmed at sunrise on the 57th floor of 4WTC in lower Manhattan, this short film captures an extraordinary and moving performance of Christopher Wheeldon's After the Rain. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home. [ Continue reading ]

Coney Island by Michael Ernest Sweet

The series Coney Island, shot on the namesake seaside resort, by Montreal and New York City-based Michael Ernest Sweet reminds in many ways of the great black and white street photographers now holding iconic status. After seeing the photographs names like Weegee, Louis Faurer, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Gilden and Mark Cohen come to mind. Not quite coincidental as they are both a major influence on Sweet and photographers who also visited the seaside resort with their cameras. With the great photographers, especially Bruce Gilden, clearly in his mind, but still holding on to a personal vision Sweet started shooting on the beach: "I wanted to be unique in my approach. I didn’t want to be just a copycat". [ Continue reading ]

Darr, New York

During our trip to New York City last month we visited this amazing Brooklyn-based store called Darr. The spot on combination and great curation of vintage and new objects, clothing and accessories amazed us profoundly. Co-owners Hicham Benmira, a Casablanca-born former Takashimaya personal shopper, and former video editor Brian Cousins excel in collecting products out of the broadest of spectrums. They cull objects industrial and romantic, rustic and sophisticated, ancient and modern, yet everything fits together perfectly. [ Continue reading ]

Wythe Hotel

After a lovely post by Daniel Benning of The 189 about photographer Brian W Ferry, we found out about this lovely Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn, shot by Brian W Ferry for Brooklyn Magazine. The hotel is a result of nearly five years of planning and renovating initiated by the three masterminds behind it, Peter Lawrence, an Australian hotelier, real estate developer Jed Walentas  and Andrew Tarlow of Diner (that lovely diner down Brooklyn Bridge and the well known food magazine). It truly looks amazing, all made with a great eye for detail and some lovely art pieces all made by local artist. This will definitely be our place when in NYC. [ Continue reading ]

Modern Anthology

Last week Style Ledger came up with two really nice video features. The last one was a look at American manufacturing, with a focus on the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn. The first one is this feature on one of the top new stores in the… [ Continue reading ]

…and back

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New York was amazing! As you could read on the Tenue de Nîmes blog we ran around like crazy, visiting all the sweet stores around Soho, Brooklyn and Meatpacking and had some really inspiring meetings with Tellason, Cone Mills, Naked… [ Continue reading ]


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Looking forward to New York, to Capsule, seeing all the new collections and inspiring brands, and to our upcoming Journal de Nîmes the North American Issue. I think this illustration from CXXVI Clothing Co. illustrates it all. [ Continue reading ]


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Consider myself a loyal fan of both, Partners & Spade and Inventory, it’s great to see the two teamed up to launch the third issue of Inventory Magazine together with three collaborations (with Duluth Pack, Viberg Boots and… [ Continue reading ]

Massacre of the Innocents

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New York based artist Eric White just finished a 16 food wide reinterpretation of Bruegel’s Massacre of the Innocents. On view since yesterday at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY, together with work by Nicola Verlato and Fulvio Di Piazza. Above:… [ Continue reading ]