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Converse x Hancock VA

Two years ago we wrote about the impressive first collaboration between Converse and one of our favorite brands around; Hancock Vulcanised Articles. Since then it was succeeded twice and today marks the fourth joint endeavor by the two brands which is again of the highest standard. Using subtle colors and graphic juxtaposition as the main inspirations, the worldwide release of today signifies the first time Hancock DNA has been incorporated into the premium Converse Jack Purcell Signature silhouette. Available in three complementary colorways – Autumn, Taupe and Black – the latter featuring Hancock’s striking Siphonia Elastica rubber plant print, each sneaker is completed with a contrasting top eyelet detail with interchangeable laces, making this the perfect hybrid of the Purcell's classic design and Hanock's cutting edge garments. [ Continue reading ]


This year, British footwear brand Kickers celebrate the 40th anniversary of their legendary Kick Hi boot. Since 1975, its iconic silhouette has graced the feet of many of the world’s leading musicians and style sub-cultures. From the days of the Manchester Hacienda and the London rave scene to collaborations with some of the UK’s leading design talent, the Kick Hi has left a cultural footprint across the last four decades – and continues to do so until this day. To celebrate the jubilee of its classic, Kickers has teamed up with David Hellqvist and Document Studios to produce ‘Forty’, a retrospective publication that traces the historical and aesthetic legacy of the Kick Hi boot, which was launched in London two weeks ago. [ Continue reading ]

Blue and Green

To celebrate his now iconic minimalist sneaker's 10th anniversary, in January 2014 one of our favorite designers and tastemakers around; Erik Schedin teamed up with Comme des Garçons Shirt to re-release the white leather model with unique added graphics. Another version with the colorway option inverted was released soon afterwards using black as the primary color of choice for the low-rise model with white graphics. And now the Swede and Comme des Garçons Shirt return and continue their great collaboration for a third rendition, this time in color: having created the sneaker in a sharp shade of blue and a beautiful deep green with the identical black graphics as its predecessors. We love these beautiful new styles of one of the cleanest sneaker around! [ Continue reading ]

Gabriela Coll Garments

Recently we became familiar with the Barcelona-based Gabriela Coll Garments. The interesting new project by the Spanish Gabriella Coll focuses on the way of dressing and the value of garments, while working through Series. Each Series is the result of concrete imagery, they do not follow any season or have a fixed number of pieces, and are always permanent. Serie No. 1 is composed of 15 pieces: consisting of garments for men and women, bags, accessories and footwear, marked by the transcendence of time, the way they sit on the body and the nobility of the materials – with everything, from the accessories to the clothes being hand-made. In many ways the project reminds us strongly - aesthetically, in the communication as in the motivations - of the now defunct Maison Martin Margiela or Ines Kaag's Bless, but a wise man once said that originality died with the eruption of the internet, making Gabriela Coll Garments in our eyes a perfect example of a great new interpretation of existing ideas, very much in line with the current zeitgeist. [ Continue reading ]

Tricker’s x Tenue de Nîmes

We are only in the second month of the new year and there is already an important new Tenue de Nîmes collaboration to be celebrated in 2015. It all started last October, when the legendary Tricker's shoe store in London at 67 Jeremy Street was visited for the very first time, to start the process of the creation of a series of Tricker's x Tenue de Nîmes shoes. Barely four months later, a first collection is ready, consisting of three genuine Tricker's classic pieces inspired by the rich history of the English shoe brand that was established in 1829. The classic models were given an elegant translation fitting in the Tenue universe, resulting in a collection to be proud of, created for everyone who's enjoying the good things in life. [ Continue reading ]

Inspirations — Erik Schedin

Although we celebrate his overal tasteful vision and have been following Erik Schedin since the beginning of Another Something & Company, the Swedish designer is most known for his iconic minimalist sneaker, of which the first sketch was made in his final year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Last year he, together with Comme des Garçons Shirt, celebrated the 10 year existence of his sneaker with a special edition, which recently was also released in a black colorway. But there was much more we loved in these last years, in which Erik ran one of the most exciting and elegant minimal webstores to be found on the internet. He for instance collaborated with Tegnässkidan AB to re-create their classical ski model Rajd and Schedin was the first one to reintroduce the first ever designed Gore-Tex boot, the Danner Light to the European market. We now ask Erik what has been inspirational for him in all these years in which he consistently was an inspiration for us. [ Continue reading ]

Converse x Hancock

It is always inspiring when great parties find each other and collaborate to create beautiful products, and this is one of those outstanding combinations. We've been a fan of Hancock since the moment we found out about them, and seeing them team up with Converse creating a classic Jack Purcell mid-top sneaker in their signature vulcanized rubber is amazing. The rubberized upper brings the label’s pioneering, handmade outerwear techniques to footwear, creating a modern sneaker that’s clean and durable, encapsulating a rich heritage of craftsmanship. The Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock sneaker is released in three fresh, seasonal colors: our favorite indigo, summer yellow and mastic gray. All featuring a soft lining with a unique phytology print of the Siphona Elastica plant, which is used to manufacture rubber. The elegant Hancock Vulcanised Articles logo is stitched on the heel tab of each sneaker, and seams are bonded with the same precision that is the hallmark of Hancock's outerwear. [ Continue reading ]

Erik Schedin x Comme des Garçons

To celebrate the ten-year existence of his iconic sneaker, Erik Schedin teamed up with Comme des Garçons Shirt for an excellent Spring 2014 collaboration. The beautiful minimalistic sneaker was designed by the Swede ten years ago for his final degree at the Beckmans College of Design. At that time the clean and minimalist aesthetic really stood out; very few sneakers would not show any logos or labels and/or would have a monochrome style, like the all white leather with a perforated lining Schedin's sneaker was made of. For the collaboration with the Japanese fashion label three different editions of the white sneaker were created: each sporting a different black painted shape, reminding somewhat of the sneakers Helmut Lang used to produce. Next to the release of the special editions, Schedin also restocked his classic all white sneakers, which are now produced in Italy. [ Continue reading ]

The Red Wing Oro Legacy

Red Wing Heritage just re-introduced their iconic 875 and 877 boots in Oro Legacy leather. This brings the boots back to the original style of the models when they were introduced in 1952 and 1953. Supple  and classic, Oro Legacy is full-grain (naked) leather, which is tanned using traditional methods at Red Wing’s own S.B. Foot Tanning tannery. There is no pigment used during the finishing process, which means the natural beauty and colour of the leather is emphasised, making every pair unique. The boots were originally designed to be a part of the Red Wing Irish Setter collection and the colour was, fittingly, a direct reference to a 1950‘s era employee’s dog. [ Continue reading ]


It is always inspiring to visit the fairs, last week Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, and this week Bread & Butter in Berlin. This year we focussed on Red Wing Shoes and as a proud partner behind the Red Wing Shoes store Amsterdam it’s good to… [ Continue reading ]

The Brogue Ranger

This fall Red Wing Shoes will launch a new shoe where the ultimate work boot will meet British heritage. The shoe was originally designed as a country walking shoe for the people around Red Wing, Minnesota. Farmers and gamekeepers who needed a boot that could withstand constant exposure to water and… [ Continue reading ]


An iconic piece from our favorite British shoemaker Grenson is definitely the Frank. This boot is straight from the archive and was made for British soldiers over 60 years ago. Grenson made it again. Thankfully! The only thing you need to learn before you buy them, is… [ Continue reading ]

Zonkey Boot

Zonkey Boot, one of our favorite brands when it comes to hand made leather shoes, just launched their online shop. The perfect addition to our Gift Guide is this Zero Two Four Karo made on the Sailor last with waxed vegetable-tanned bovine leather and a natural… [ Continue reading ]

Time for Boots

With a cold wind in your face, trying to avoid the ice storms and pelting rain while on your bike, this is the perfect time of the year to unpack you boots, clean them and go out. I found some beautiful images in the Life Archives of one of our… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Factory Visit

About a year ago I traveled all the way to Minnesota to visit the Red Wing Shoe factory and tannery for the Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Store. Hypebeast featured the video we did, at the Red Wing Amsterdam site we featured the… [ Continue reading ]

Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam

We proudly present you: The official Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam online store. The Red Wing webshop offers the single most complete Red Wing shoe collection ever offered online plus a lovely curated selection of accessories, books, workwear-inspired clothing and… [ Continue reading ]

Veja for French Trotters

Six months ago Veja and French Trotters released their collaborative project, this really nice sneaker made out of ecological materials, exclusively for their Parisian boutiques. The shoes made with naturally-tanned leather, organic cotton and wild Amazonian rubber comes in three beautiful colors:… [ Continue reading ]

The Rose and the Cross

Today, the denim inspired boutique from Amsterdam Tenue de Nîmes launched its third collaboration with the well known English shoemaker Grenson. A handmade wingtip brogue in a beautiful gainsboro grey nubuck finished off with a hand painted, double leather white sole. The shoes are marked with… [ Continue reading ]

Tres Bien

Here is the new, lightweight canvas shoe by one of my favorite brands Won Hundred. A crepe sole, suede trim and nice details makes it the perfect shoe for the European summer. As it is feeling like autumn already I hope it is a little water proof as… [ Continue reading ]

Indigo Chuck’s

Somewhere soon, Tenue de Nîmes will be launching their exclusive and hand dyed Indigo Chuck Taylor All Star’s. I’v had a sneak preview and really can’t wait to share more. Lie low, hold on, stand by and stay tuned!… [ Continue reading ]