Geoff McFetridge for Jack Spade

We really like the collection and campaign of our friends at Jack Spade for their autumn/winter 2013 season, created by Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge. Adopting a simple ‘work and play’ theme throughout the campaign and making great use of abstract art, geometric shapes and primary colors, this latest offering from the label is playful and uplifting.

Geoff McFetridge, who has created both a t-shirt line and a booklet of original artwork, injects an intriguing personality into the autumn/winter 2013 line whilst presenting a collection of everyday essentials. From pragmatic luggage and smart accessories to colorful waterproof outerwear, Jack Spade and Geoff McFetridge offer a bright collection for the upcoming colder seasons. With the familiar strong focus on craftsmanship throughout the campaign, the brand once again delivers a very appealing collection.

Beside the collection itself we particularly like the booklet that  has been released with the campaign. It’s brief book on very clean white paper with both color and black-and-white illustrations. McFetridge’s two dimensional aesthetic shows people at work, at a desk, drawing, exercising, juxtaposed with people at play, trying on clothes, viewing art, thinking about bike riding. There entries that remind of previous works shown by the artist at Cal Poly and Heath, showing people transitioning in and out of artwork, in a way becoming the artwork themselves.

The entire collection is available in stores and in the Jack Spade webstore.

(via Los Angeles, I’m Yours)