A Day in the Life of a British Clothing Factory

We really like this video by Danny Cooke giving an inside look into the Long Eaton factory of Sunspel Clothing. It shows the detail involved in the making of their products, specifically the Sea Island Cotton t-shirt. Sunspel’s Sea Island cotton is the finest cotton in the world. It is handpicked in the Carribean, woven in Switzerland and then handcrafted in their Long Eaton factory.

Sunspel has been making their clothes at the Long Eaton factory for almost a century. The British clothing manufacturer both appreciates traditional skills as it values creativity and innovation. It’s this unconventional connection between craft and technology that gives Sunspel clothes their distinctive character. The mix is not just reflected in the products but also in the people who make the clothes, as can be seen in the video, young and old work together towards the goal of making every garment as special and unique as possible. Sunspel has the production by hand in Long Eaton in the highest esteem making it a rather unique contemporary company.

Like the techniques used by Sunspel, also when it comes to materials the best is strived for. For over 150 years the company has sourced the finest raw materials from around the world. Combined with innovations in the area of fabric structure, the British clothing manufacturer seeks to create luxury fabrics that are unique to Sunspel. We love their high quality and vision for the company working always honoring their great heritage.

The video was filmed, directed and edited by Danny CookeAlex Thornton did the time-lapse photography and production was done by Laura Holmes Production.

For more information on Sunspel and their online webshop see here