The Perfect White Shirt

We like the story of cees n co, a little brand founded in June of this year by Sao Paulo-born Arien de Vries to create the perfect white shirt for men. De Vries has lived in Amsterdam since 1980 where she completed the Rietveld Academy in 1986, studying theater design. After graduating she has worked as a costume designer for various theater companies, operas and television. Inspired by working with all these different people and fashion-styles originated the idea to define the classic men’s shirt in its ultimate form. Where women have their little black dress, in the eyes of de Vries men should have their perfect white shirt – and we totally agree on that! 

Inspired by her experiences that a costume should enhance the role an actor performs on stage, but also should sit comfortably while doing so, de Vries felt men should have a costume for everyday life. The quality of the fabric, the design and appearance should contribute equally. And because her vision is to give something back to the world we live in, the perfect white shirt should also be durable. That’s why she didn’t want to develop a shirt that was fashionable, but with a timeless classical appeal. A shirt that was not subject to trends and after a season would be replaced by a new shirt, as this shirt should become a thoughtless choice for all kinds of different everyday occasions.

The concept of sustainability, which goes beyond just the fact that the shirt shouldn’t be replace after one season, is a heartfelt ambition of Arien de Vries and cees n co. Therefore, when the final moment of farewell of the shirt has come, preferably after a multitude of years, cees n co offers the possibility for the user to return the shirt to them for a 15 euro deposit. Shirts that are still suitable for the used market will only have the labels removed and prepared for its next owner. If the shirt isn’t suitable for a second life it will be processed as raw materials for new products.

For more information and the webshop see here.