Sleepy Jones

We really like Sleepy Jones, the latest endeavor of the ever-inspiring Andy Spade and long-time collaborators Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri. After years of working together at kate spadeJack Spade and Partners & Spade, the three set out to create a company that believes, in contrary to contemporary stimuli-fueled life, in the virtues of taking your time, wondering and pondering about whatever crosses the mind. The result is an impressive collection of sleepwear, underwear and not-quite-ready-to-wear for men and women inspired by the lifestyles of people like George Plimpton and Pablo Picasso. 

“They weren’t projecting themselves as businessmen or union workers. They were being their authentic, comfortable selves – and the comfort of being yourself is true style.”

The women’s line offers classic pajama tops, underwear, and shorts, but also shrunken robes, tank tops, and baby doll dresses. All in soft, easy-to-look-at, colors mostly in the ranges of red, white and blue and appealing Liberty of London cotton prints. The men’s line is similar though additionally offers pajama pants and a piece of underwear designed by New York-based artist Wes Lang, who created a pair of shorts with a rock and roll appeal. Taking Sleepy Jones’ classic button fly Jasper Boxers, Lang has created artwork printed across the front and back with an aesthetic reminding closely of tattoos and band logos. A bold touch and good addition to the more classical and preppy overall aesthetic of the men’s line.

Sleepy Jones aspires with its designs to be as comfortable as timeless, whether you’re enjoying your sleep after a hard day’s work or you have been philosophizing about life’s curiosities until the late afternoon over cups of coffee; it all could and should be done in a Sleepy Jones. For the company it’s all about non-movement and wearing a little less in the comfort of your environs. And maybe, while taking your time in your underwear, in the way advocated by Sleepy Jones, it will inspire you as it did the likes of inspirations Picasso and Hockney. On the other hand you can just follow the company motto and “finish nothing today” and still feel good about yourself.

For more information and the webshop visit here.