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In many cases the real beauty of a piece of music only reveals itself after playing it a few times, like Joanna Newsom’s music I wrote about previously. But sometimes there is no need for such an incubation process. The first time I heard Glasser’s debut album Ring, its sincere and to-the-point sound immediately appealed to me. [ Continue reading ]

Joanna Newsom

After the first time I heard the music of Joanna Newsom I could not have predicted I was going to write an article about her a few years later. To be honest, I did not think I would listen to her music again. It just seemed a bit too awkward at that moment. So what was it that made push the play-button again? Whatever it was, I gave her music a second chance, and a third and a fourth… It was her second studio album Ys I was listening to, after a lengthy article in Wire magazine draw my attention to her. [ Continue reading ]


Early this year Midlake’s new album The Courage of Others was released. The first time I listened to it I heard a somewhat simpeler and darker sound than on its predecessor The Trials of Van Occupanter. But, as always, the album grows on you after a few listens, and although it became clear that in this album I would not find as much complexity in the structure of the songs, complexity can still be found in the density of the layers of sound, carefully shifting over each other, building up to a climax or peeling off like on onion, slowly exposing its core. [ Continue reading ]