Aether Store SF

We really like the latest collaboration between AETHER and Paris-based designer Thierry Gaugain, who also was involved with the creation of AETHERstream, in the realization of their first-ever stand alone retail store. The store, named AETHERsf. will be located in San Fransisco’s Hayes Valley. The construction will be made out of three 8‘ x 9.6‘ x 40’ shipping containers and is the combined work of Gaugain, envelope a+d, and AETHER’s founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West.

AETHER commissioned envelope a+d to lead the project and worked closely with them to develop the ideal prefab design. Chris French Metal, Inc., provided all structural and architectural metal fabrication. The AETHER concept store features a custom glass-encased cantilevered lounge, reclaimed oak floors, and a third floor conveyor system which interacts with the customers needs on the first floor.

Whenever in San Francisco make sure to visit!

Fore more information see here.