Art Comes First

With all the fashion fairs ahead during the coming weeks, there’s a lot to share. From collaborations (Nigel Cabourn with Midori Notebooks) to new and upcoming brands, it’s all there. First one is a project by  Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, together with one of our favourite designers T-Michael (designer at Norwegian Rain, amongst others). Sam and Shaka selected a group of creatives from all over the world to create the essential sartorial travel pack. 

The idea was this: Each creative brings to the table a piece that compliments the other pieces and vice versa. The artistic creative family is called Art Comes First – ACF. 
Explained: The shirts and shoes were made by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, the glasses by Aroun Ducroux (Lotho Eyewears), the hats by Matteo Gioli, the text for the book by Kalaf Angelo, the shirt by Sebastian Dollinger of Eton Shirts and the bag by Mr T-Michael himself.

The project will be launched tomorrow at Pitti Uomo, Florence, Italy, together with this video. The lovely image was shot by Bent René Synnevåg.