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Empirical Spirits

Fuck Trump and his Stupid Fucking Wall Blend

As big fans of Noma, we’re interested in everything connected to them. So when we found out about Empirical Spirits it didn’t took long before the first bottles arrived in Amsterdam.
Empirical Spirits is a flavor company founded in 2017 by Restaurant noma alumni Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen. [ Continue reading ]

Drink Factory

Last month, we were introduced to the London-based collective of bartenders named Drink Factory, which aims to expand their shared creativity and knowledge of cocktails. Founded some 10 years ago by cocktail master Tony Conigliaro, Drink Factory released its first printed publication with their unique vision on the fascinating craft of creating cocktails in 2014 under the theme 'Gothic', resulting in a dark and brooding issue. A month ago the second issue saw light and this time a lot more color is added to the palette, with everything resolving around 'Silent Neon Flowers'. The underlaying concept is 'silent flavor', which resulted in botanical editorials by photographers Addie Chin, Ollie Harrop and Ruth Vatcher, translating the idea into their images, forming a stand out visual language for the magazine which places the subject in a truly unique light. For us, having found the extraordinary Drink Factory, all kinds of doors into the enormous world of cocktails are being opened, in which the new magazine forms an inspirational and insightful starting point for more exploration. [ Continue reading ]

The Martell Flask by Yorgo&Co.

Looking back at the last Salone del Mobile, which took place two weeks ago, we remain super impressed by one of the incredible new designs which were revealed in Milano. As part of the yearly wallpaper* Handmade exhibition, the renown designer/art director Yorgo Tloupas - together with his Yorgo&Co company - created an extraordinary design, combining different loves of his: cycling, design, and drinking cognac. The Martell flask (forming a beautiful follow-up to the Pinel et Pinel's collaboration) as envisioned by Tloupas consists of a top two-thirds, which contains water for the bike ride, and the bottom third contains Martell cognac, for the celebration. Making it our clear favorite out of this year's wallpaper* Handmade - the magazine’s sixth groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design, of which the flask in our eyes is a prime example. We just love the both robust and elegant design by Tloupas, having created what without a doubt is the most beautiful flask ever for cycling. [ Continue reading ]

32 Drinks for 32 Nations

We love the concept of Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis's The Travelling Gin Co. And whether you are a football fan or not, which is kind of hard not to be in this period of time, the two Brits now present a new concept hoping everyone joining in embracing the wonderful international flavors highlighted by this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. The more Edward and Joseph explore and experiment in creating cocktails with their Travelling Gin Co. project, the more fascinated they become by the wide array of ingredients that are available in the craft of cocktail making which they translated into a collection of 32 drinks for the 32 Nations competing on the World Cup. [ Continue reading ]

Love Me Los Angeles

Founded by wine-expert Katharina Riess, Florian Breimesser and Moritz Firchow in 2012, despite living 10.000 kilometer apart, Love Me Los Angeles is not just your average distinguished winery. The brand which was created goes beyond a lot of brands in the field and expresses the shared values of the founders and the universal spirit of seizing a dream and making it happen. A declared passion for locally manufactured and authentic products of highest quality by the three partners led to the release of Love Me Los Angeles's first edition, the Pinot Noir 2009, which is limited to a number of 500 bottles urging its consumer to seize the moment as well, before its gone. The ever-inspiring Deutsche & Japaner translated the philosophy of Riess, Breimesser and Firchow perfectly on a material level, bringing ideas to craft, as they collaborated with the highly talented Sergey Shapiro on the lettering, making the project extremely inspiring on different levels. [ Continue reading ]

Hellstrøm Aquavit & Juleaquavit

The Norwegian Chef Eyvind Hellstrøm is part owner of the two star Michelin restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo and president of the Bocuse D´Or Europe, but also a TV personality who advocates the joy and importance of home cooked meals. 'Enkelt og Perfekt', meaning 'Simple and Perfect' in Norwegian is Hellstrøm´s mantra and when design agency Olssøn Barbieri was asked to design the bottle for Hellstrøm's to be developed liquor, they regarded it as the essential ingredient for the integrity of the brand. Authoritative, masculine, accessible and heritage were additional ingredients to shape the product and take decisions in terms of materials, bottle shape, execution, tone of voice and colors. The ingredients on the front and the measuring scale on the side are both homages to the chef's world. To silkscreen the bottle by Verallia in France was a choice to 'reduce' and aspire to an iconic and sharp brand personality, together with allowing the product to transmit a feeling of heritage and trustworthiness. In which they succeeded very gracefully in our eyes. [ Continue reading ]

Absolut Originality

This month Absolut presented a very appealing limited collection of bottles called Absolut Originality. The elegant collection features four million individually designed bottles, each made into a one-of-a-kind work of art, as they have a drop of cobalt blue infused into the molten glass during production. Following last year’s launch of Absolut Unique, the liquor brand continued in finding an interesting new concept for their next limited edition with the ambition  to capture the soul of Absolut, expressing creativity and quality as its cornerstones. [ Continue reading ]

Dewar’s 3B campaign

To celebrate their this year introduced Highlander Honey whiskey Dewar's collaborated with Sid Lee and The Ebeling Group for a campaign in which 80000 Highlander honey bees play the lead role, producing the key ingredient for the new liquor. Dewar’s Highlander Honey is the first modern honey flavoured whisky to come out of Scotland and was created by Dewar's master blender Stephanie Macleod. The campaign is both aesthetically and technically impressive and shows a fascinating variation on the swiftly expanding 3D printing technology as it focusses on the process of bees creating honeycombs in the shape of a whiskey bottle. [ Continue reading ]

The Travelling Gin Company

Established in 2011 by Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis, The Travelling Gin Company provides a unique drinking experience straight from their vintage delivery bicycles. The two Brits conveniently dressed in aprons from Labour and Wait serve up the ultimate Gin and Tonic and also specialize in other gin based cocktails. Godden and Lewis see their venture as "a pop-up drinks project." [ Continue reading ]

Origin Single Estate gins

Whilst making the Masters of Malt signature Bathtub Gin, sales director Ben Ellefsen found inconsistencies in the batches of juniper he was using. Inspired by this fact he decided that these inconsistencies could be used for good if he would be able to trace a certain batch of juniper to one particular area. Masters of Malt advertised it's need for quality area-bound juniper and a handful of areas presented themselves with quality juniper which could be used for the production of gin. In the end out of four areas from different parts of Europe the Origin Single Estate gins were created. [ Continue reading ]

Hennesy V.S.O.P

Some lovely abstract images shot by filmmaker Dustin Lynn capturing the Shanghai debut of Hennessy V.S.O.P and their new bottle, for Nowness. In a journey from the cellars of Cognac, at the master oenologists, to the designer of the bottle, Chris Bangle in his house in the hills of Torino, Italy, the… [ Continue reading ]

Joseph Guy

Last week we were invited by Alexander Guy, the long lost grandson of Joseph Guy IV and the man behind Joseph Guy Cognac, for a Guy’s Night In. A night with a selected group of Dutch style bloggers, good food and delicious cognac cocktails. Since it… [ Continue reading ]

Martell & Pinel Pinel

The House of Martell asked Frédéric Pinel to design a creation that would enable connoisseurs and lovers of Martell cognac to rediscover the pleasures of tasting. The result is this amazing trunk by Pinel Pinel, filled with all the best cognac’s of Martell. From the legendary Cordon Bleu,… [ Continue reading ]


Rapha not only provide us with the best performance roadwear and stories from the hills, they are now inspiring us to celebrate our activity on the pedals with some bona fide cocktails. Enjoy (responsibly…)… [ Continue reading ]

The Balvenie

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Designed by Here Design this lovely hand-crafted leather case was made for The Balvenie Ambassador to present the Balvenie story from barley to bottle. It contains a miniature copper still, cask samples, miniature barrels and tasting bottles in bespoke boxes all beautifully… [ Continue reading ]


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Just came across this beautiful, three centuries old brandy company. Edelbrand Stuaffenberg is a traditional spirit from Germany made from only the finest, ripest handpicked Franconian cherries, the extremely rare find ‘Zibärtleand’ plums and Williams pears. The wild plum is our favorite: ‘Painstakingly procured and produced in… [ Continue reading ]