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Lollipop Magazine

Lollipop Magazine, of which the third issue was launched this year, is a tremendous visual document of an entire Formula One race weekend. Popular Mechanics named it 'The Greatest Formula 1 Magazine You've Never Heard Of' and it certainly is the most inspiring racing magazine we have ever laid eyes one. Driven by sharp and elegant photography, it takes one inside the team garages, the paddock and trackside - giving unprecedented access to the world's most secretive sport. The most recent issue, Lollipop Magazine #3 is a 228 page soft-cover book, featuring nine races and critical statistics of the season. It features interviews and portraits of Pirelli director Paul Hembery, next to F1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo, Dutch pride 17-year old Max Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Rossi and Kevin Magnussen. Finally, the issue also features an one-off fashion shoot, collaborating with Pirelli Motorsports, and legendary photographer, Harri Peccinotti, who shot the risqué Pirelli Calendar in 1969. [ Continue reading ]


Brought to our attention last month by Nowness, we are smitten by the incredible photographic series and accompanying video named 'Blast' in which visionary photographer Jim Mangan has caught rally car driver Ken Block sublimely. In August 2013, Mangan asked his friend Block to demonstrate his skills at the wheel for a photo project. His idea was to photograph clouds of dust in mountainous southern Utah a rugged desert area he’d explored dozens of times while camping and mountain biking and the kind of arena where the photographer has proven to produce his most remarkable images. To achieve his vision of hybridizing landscape and machine, Mangan needed someone with the daring and a car with the power to wreak havoc on the remote landscape and send trailing puffs of dirt into the air. The two finally got together last year for several days of shooting in the valleys extending some 74 miles between Capitol Reef National Park and Goblin Valley, Utah. The results are incredible. [ Continue reading ]

The Nürburgring by Ramon Haindl

It is no secret that Ramon Haindl is one of our favorite photographers out there and he keeps on creating beautiful work to continue being just that. We discovered the German - who also creates with mixed media and collage in his free projects - through his captures of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Academy some years ago, after which he has been creating a body of work of both autonomous projects as for clients showing his relentless approach (sleeping very little) and extraordinary multiple talents. His latest series brought Haindl to the famous tracks of the Nürburgring where he shot another gem for the Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine. With a somewhat similar approach and aesthetic as that very first series we discovered, the new work shows how Ramon has grown in the couple of years that have passed: every image being nothing short of iconic. Whether he portrays the oldtimers (both cars and drivers) in shiny monochrome images or the toned down classic color palette: we love every single image of the series. [ Continue reading ]

Land Rover Defender by Studio Job

To celebrate the fact that the first Land Rover Defender was produced 65 years ago, Studio Job was asked to take this 4x4 in hand. In their own way, they have created an ode to the vehicle that makes many of us dream of adventures. Eventually, it has turned out to be more than simply a revised or upgraded vehicle. The result is a sculpture that questions escapism, power relationships and above all Studio Job’s own work. "Designing a car is the same as when, as a designer, you’re sometimes given the chance to redefine a hotel: it’s a higher goal. You don’t get such important commissions every day," says Job Smeets, founder of Studio Job. "On top of that, Defender is an emotionally charged icon. We’ve approached that golden carriage in our own way, maybe not so much from the angle of this one car but rather from the phenomenon of the holy cow in general." [ Continue reading ]

Volvo Concept Coupé

It's not that often we feature news from the car industry, but the direction Volvo has taken with its newest car we really love: the Concept Coupé. The concept, which is the first design from Volvo's new design director, embodies a bold and interesting makeover for the Swedish car brand. The first out of three concept cars points out the new design direction for Volvo. Thomas Ingenlath, Senior VP of Design, says this car manifests that Volvo "will stand out as the calm, confident and naturally powerful challenger." The Concept Coupé offers new elements to the Volvo brand by merging contemporary Scandinavian lifestyle and design with iconic elements from Volvo’s 1960’s era and the beautiful P1800 in particular. The result is a new aesthetic showing craftsmanship and innovation. [ Continue reading ]

The North Cape in a Classic 911

Pure Classics' Frank Strothe is a man who likes challenges. He had driven to the Nordkapp in Norway some years ago, but that was in the summer which wasn't much of a contest in the eyes of the driver. His ambition was to do a winter expedition; "driving in the snow is more fun, especially in a classic car that relies on your driving skill to keep it on the road, rather than a host of electronic safety measures."  [ Continue reading ]

The Icon Bronco

We love Icon, the small company making amazing off-road cars, and we’ve just fell in love with their latest creation. A collaboration with Ford to recreate a Ford Bronco into the Icon Bronco with some amazing details, on top of a Art Morrison chassis, custom-built Dana 60 and 44 solid axle… [ Continue reading ]

Road Inc.

Where Cyclepedia was the must-have app for bike lovers, Road Inc. is it for car-lovers. It’s is a museum like experience with fully interactive Anthology of Cars. ‘Richer than the heaviest book, deeper than a video collection, more immersive than a game, Road Inc. offers users a… [ Continue reading ]

The Speedometer

The Dutch web designer Christian Annyas has put together the different designs of Chevrolet’s speedometers over the past 100 years in a very plain and graphical way. ‘Speedometers are those kind of items you look at thousands of times during your life, without ever really noticing. You notice the speed, not… [ Continue reading ]

75 years of Jaguar

It is not ‘one of the most beautiful’ cars by Jaguar, but THE most beautiful and phenomenal piece of machinery, the XJ13. Only one was made, to win Le Mans in the mid-1960s, a race that it would never take part in due to a change… [ Continue reading ]

Concept You

I’m almost daily questioning myself why today’s cars are so out-dated. Sure, there are a few smart ingredients, but it’s going so slow… Why isn’t there a proper touchscreen, fabrics that feel good, colors that match in the different materials? Today, Volvo revealed the Concept… [ Continue reading ]

Grace Perry in Scion Magazine

Last week I was invited to LA to drive the new Scion iQ, a compact and super innovative car that will fit in an average pickup trunk. The car, also known as the Toyota iQ in Europe and Asia, will be released with a huge creative campaign, covering the music-, art-, photography- and fashion-scene with exhibitions, concerts, festivals and the launch of a magazine.
Since we’re not the car blog where we will feature all the tech specs but only want to share everything esthetic in lifestyles across the globe, we decided to do a pre-publication of the magazine which will be released September the 17th in the US. A piece of sic-fi where dogs get jetpacks and books have infinite blank pages to fill with lead pencils that would never go dull. Enjoy a story where metal meets sci-fi and fantasy. [ Continue reading ]

100 most exceptional

Tomorrow I will visit LA for the presentation of a new car. To get me a little in the mood I stumbled upon this new publication by Assouline: The Impossible Collection of Cars, The 100 most exceptional cars of the twentieth century. “It is the… [ Continue reading ]


My favorite car Nº2, straight after the Porsche 912, is Berlinette, a.k.a. the Renault Alpine A110. Built by Jean Rédélé in Dieppe, France, in 1954 and from 1962 till 1978 under the official license of Renault it won the Monte Carlo rally of 1971… [ Continue reading ]

Renault 4

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My favorite car turned 50. I still remember how my grandmother drove her car and it’s probably the first car I sat in. Designboom celebrates the anniversary of this style icon with a really nice overview of all the Renault 4’s over the past 50 years. [ Continue reading ]

A bull taming 700 horses

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I love the shape of this monster. The new 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. ‘Aventador was a bull bred by the Don Celestino Cuardi Vides family that in October 1993 entered into battle at the Saragossa Arena, earning the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera” for the… [ Continue reading ]


Yesterday, during the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS, I’ve met Folkert Hengeveld, a fellow Anothersomething reader and heritage junk. At this moment he’s working on a crazy project, and he was so generous to share it with us. Folkert Hengeveld bought this old Medium Wheel… [ Continue reading ]


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In our search for a representative company car we come across some outrageous (vintage) designs lately. People send us the craziest suggestions since we asked for some well thought-out alternatives. Our intern decided that this Alfa Romeo Carabo by the iconic Bertone firm would be… [ Continue reading ]


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Arrived to market in 1964 and now maybe eliminated and replaced… The incredibly distinguished 911 definitely is my favorite car. Singer Vehicle Design put together the spirit of the delicate 1960’s build 911 until the fast and sophisticated 964/993 series to create the The… [ Continue reading ]

Our next car II

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Last week, looking for furniture for our new office and Tenue de Nîmes showroom, we found this extreme cool car, the 1981 Delorean DMC 12, in an old barn covered with dust and cat tracks… Let’s make it our next Tenue de Nîmes x Anothercompany car. [ Continue reading ]


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A lovely series of pictures of a Porsche factory visit back in the days. Especially love this yellow/orange 911… Shared by A Continuous Lean. [ Continue reading ]


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The summum of style: Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso 1. As said before, brown is the new black… Found at StyleCrave… [ Continue reading ]


“Time is one of the few things that man cannot influence. It gives each of us a beginning and an end. And this makes us question how we use what comes between. We all have a desire to make something that will show we were here and did something of… [ Continue reading ]