Études by Terrazzo Project

Lausanne-based designers Philippe-Albert Lefebvre and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard who work under the eponym Terrazzo Project have created an appealing interior design for fashion brand Études‘ pop-up store that closed it’s doors in Paris on the 30th of June after being open a month. The low table, a large central table and clothing rack bases were all designed by Lefebvre and Halmaï-Voisard and made of their signature material terrazzo complemented with wood. The pop-up boutique carried both the Études Spring/Summer (No. 2) 2013 collection and their self-published books.

Before Lefebvre and Halmaï-Voisard started Terrazzo Project the designers went on a search for lasting, stylish substances which eventually brought them to the antiquated material terrazzo. This material is a composite material produced from layers of cement interspersed by chips of glass, marble, quartz, granite or other appropriate material. The invention of it can be traced to the 15th century when Venetian artisans started to exploit construction residues to make highly resistant, low-cost surfaces principally used in flooring.

Although terrazzo is a recognizable material, its name and production techniques remain largely exotic and it is often assimilated with concrete. The designers saw themselves fit to adapt the centuries old base material to the aesthetic requirements of contemporary design. Which clearly shows in the successful implementation of the beautiful furniture which seamlessly complement the colorful aesthetic of Études.

The designers state on using terrazzo in their interior designs:

Working in interior design allows us to create atmospheres and convey certain moods, which is really exciting for us. It puts the furniture we create in a context, hence really taking advantage of each material chosen. Working for galleries is completely different, as the objects have to live on their own. Terrazzo can either be very loud or it can be subtle and austere. In that sense, we enjoy exploring the different possibilities that site-specific designs demand.

We look forward to future projects made out of terrazzo by Terrazzo Project!