Another Something is a platform
A side project
A way to meet interesting people from around the globe
A tool to become hungry
To stay hungry
A hunger for relevance made visible
It is research, visual and intellectual
A place to play, experiment, play and repeat
It is a journey and a destination
A place where we share our observations and reflections on the beauty of cultures
Where we try to find relevance in full speed
Where we capsule stories, hyperlinks and initiatives for later reference
Sharing inspiring stories on sheer beauty
Finding wonder in unexpected narratives
Initiating cross-pollination between different cultures
Talking fast, and slow
And sometimes, just sometimes,
Sharing something
Since 2007 onwards



Another Something was founded by Joachim Baan back in 2007, and today initiated by Chris van Veghel and Joachim Baan.


Another Something

p.a. Joachim Baan
Geertestraat 19
3511 XD Utrecht, The Netherlands

+31 6 150 605 81
tip <at>



We don’t like the word influencer, and we don’t do advertising here, never. Only real stories of people, brands and products we admire. If you want to share something so we can fall in love, please send it to the address above.