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Another Something is a platform founded by Joachim Baan back in 2007, and today edited by Chris van Veghel and Joachim Baan . We aim to share the beauty of cultures, whether that be on fashion, art, craftsmanship or our passion for cycling – as long as it resonates with us. We don’t do advertising here, never. Only real stories of brands, products and people we love. If you want to share something so we can fall in love, please send it to the address below.


Another Something

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Joachim Baan’s Portfolio


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On Another Something

We are Anothersomething.
We write for a selective audience about selective topics.
About something we like, something we love.
About quality and handcrafted goods.
About the beauty of small businesses and people with interesting stories.
About new creativity around the world and awarded creativity we want to share.

We value tradition and at the same time embrace progression.
We are positive. But also selective.

We don’t fall for just anything.
We are attracted to the quality, aesthetic and sophistication of something.
A unique, incomparable and extraordinary something.

Images by Jordi Huisman for Freunde von Freunden