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Walter Rosso & Casa da Diná

Last few days we stayed in Alentejo's countryside, close to the beautiful beaches of the southwest Portuguese coast, at Casa da Diná. A bed & breakfast run by the Portuguese and Uruguayan couple Dina Medeiros and Walter Betbeder Rosso. Traveled the world themselves they decided to set home at Malavado and combine Walter's atelier with this lovely bed & breakfast of four double rooms, a delicious homemade breakfast and now and then a dinner to share Dina's love for Portuguese cuisine.

While enjoying this lovely place, we got inspired by the works of Walter and his atelier. The beautiful earth-toned palette, the geometrical forms, simplicity and cubist style in contrast to his palettes incorporated in this world of simplicity. [ Continue reading ]

Find Eat Drink

Find. Eat. Drink. is an online database and iOS app that highlights the best restaurants, drinking holes, and food shops around the world, according to professionals in the industry. This includes experts like Michelin-star chefs, coffee roasters, bartenders, sommeliers and food writers giving their personal recommendations in a fashion that reminds of the recently released printed guide Where Chefs Eat. Find. Eat. Drink. lets one browse offerings in over 120 major cities worldwide, utilizing the app there's the option to use your location to show you what's nearby, filtered by particular cuisine and price class. [ Continue reading ]

A Borderless World

The project named A Borderless World recently caught our attention. The core of it are Andrea Calandri, Armando Romano, Gabriele Greco and Giulio Menichini and their Land Rover Defender which they drove for 33.000 kilometer in a journey that few have managed to do. It brought them from Italy to the Middle-East, Central Asia, South-East Asia, Eastern-Europe and back to Italy. [ Continue reading ]

Mini Details

For me, traveling means collecting stories, sounds, fragrances and images. Not in the big statements--the overwhelming music or megalomanic architecture--but in details. I'm attracted to the details: the small stories behind one image, the sound of a city awakening, that tiny shop around the corner and the subtle smell of flowers along the way. It is those details that make my travels so inspiring and addicting.  [ Continue reading ]

Archipelago Floating Cinema

One year ago this amazing floating cinema premiered as part of a new film festival in Thailand that was curated by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tilda Swinton. This impressive project was named the The Archipelago Cinema.  Built in the middle of the water the platform provided breathtaking views from every angle which included two towering rocks emerging from the ocean.  [ Continue reading ]

The Gold Of The Andes

We are highly inspired by this story of The Inouie Brothers participating in The Chaccu, the Incan ceremony of solidarity, to harvest as the Incas believed the finest material created by Pacha Mama. In the eyes of the original inhabitants of the Andes the Vicuña animals were reincarnations of young maidens, rewarded with a coat of pure gold in return for giving life to their civilisation. They called it "The Gold Of The Andes".  [ Continue reading ]

For Thousands of Miles

In For Thousands of Miles film maker Mike Ambs shares the story of a young man’s 6700 kilometer bicycle ride across the Northern United States. Larry McKurtis, at the age of 26, left for the Atlantic ocean, leaving behind the small town he had always known, in search of new experiences. A familiar story mostly ending as a life changing experience for the subject as the people he or she encountered. For Thousands of Miles tells a different story though.  [ Continue reading ]

The North Cape in a Classic 911

Pure Classics' Frank Strothe is a man who likes challenges. He had driven to the Nordkapp in Norway some years ago, but that was in the summer which wasn't much of a contest in the eyes of the driver. His ambition was to do a winter expedition; "driving in the snow is more fun, especially in a classic car that relies on your driving skill to keep it on the road, rather than a host of electronic safety measures."  [ Continue reading ]

Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat

After months of hard work, designing, building, creating new collections of vintage photographs, frame antique pressed flowers from my grandparents, putting together a diverse collections of boxing memorabilia, we are super proud with the official opening of the second Tenue de Nîmes store in Amsterdam! Housed in Amsterdam's Haarlemmerstraat the store is divided into a separate men's and women's world, referred to as Tenue de Nîmes 'Mesdames' and 'Messieurs'. [ Continue reading ]


Our good friend and inspirator Nalden’s Present Plus together with Amsterdam’s creative agency Momkai launched this nice little device called Lowdi. A portable, wireless speaker with the length of your average pencil, that connects to any device equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to bring… [ Continue reading ]

On Why I Travel

For CitizenMag of the Citizen M Hotel I wrote a little piece 'On Why I Travel'. Here's a little excerpt: "Spruce magazine once had the legendary payoff. "Turn heads. Set the tone. Be informed. Have it first." It inspired me in my work, in my private life -- basically in everything I do. It also helped me in my way of travelling, exploring new cities and places. When people ask me how I plan my travels, how I find those nice products, those sweet places to dine and those perfect spots to shop, the secret lies in this quote. It is the hunger, the craving need and the faith to find those unique and special places. But more important it feeds the fear of missing anything. And last but not least, it fixes the problem of feeling ‘naked’ when visiting unknown places. [ Continue reading ]

Aether Apparel Autumn/Winter 2012

Let's say good-bye to the summer and welcome the dark winter days with this beautiful imagery, exclusively shared with us by our friends at Aether Apparel. Their new Autumn/Winter 2012 pieces are, with no exception, a stylish collection with an extreme technical hidden side. Lightweight insulated jackets and shells with seam sealed constructions, smart fabrics, hand warmer compartments, pockets with audio cord valves, Recco locators and weatherproof zippers to name just a few of the highly technical details. [ Continue reading ]

citizenM Bankside

During our recent visit to London we stayed at the on July the 4th opened citizenM Bankside hotel. A choice that wasn't made in vain. The hotel, part of the Dutch citizenM chain, houses on 20 Lavington Street in Southwark and offers 192 tastefully designed and furnished rooms. When approaching the front of the hotel the words Another World is Possible greet the visitor from above the entrance, and almost feels like a personal welcome. [ Continue reading ]

Louis Vuitton Express

The summer has always been a time to travel. In the coming posts we will feed that desire even more. First the incredible tour by Todd Selby in collaboration with Louis Vuitton on their way from Paris to Shanghai on the Louis Vuitton Express. A train ride… [ Continue reading ]

City Maps

While planning my next trip to London we’ve just received these really nice guides by Herb Lester Associates featuring old bookshops and new coffee shops, park benches and dive bars, hat shops and haberdashers. Basically the world according to Herb Lester. At this moment maps of London, as… [ Continue reading ]


The first Curated gift I made was send out this week. A first gift, dedicated to my love to travel. The love for the unknown, of putting everything together you can't mis and hit the road. Whether it's from Utrecht to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to London, Los Angeles or Lisbon.
The only thing with traveling is that it doesn't go really well with my need for structure. In a bag, or a suitcase, things move around, because you have to open up your luggage at the customs, or need that one particular item at the bottom of your suitcase and everything will move upside-down. I needed something to solve this problem. Something special. [ Continue reading ]

Wythe Hotel

After a lovely post by Daniel Benning of The 189 about photographer Brian W Ferry, we found out about this lovely Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn, shot by Brian W Ferry for Brooklyn Magazine. The hotel is a result of nearly five years of planning and renovating initiated by the three masterminds behind it, Peter Lawrence, an Australian hotelier, real estate developer Jed Walentas  and Andrew Tarlow of Diner (that lovely diner down Brooklyn Bridge and the well known food magazine). It truly looks amazing, all made with a great eye for detail and some lovely art pieces all made by local artist. This will definitely be our place when in NYC. [ Continue reading ]

Mi Casa en Lisboa

When we left Mi Casa en Lisboa last March, I knew we’d come back. Last weekend we did and it really felt like coming home. We arrived early in the morning to visit the flea market Feira da Ladra in the Graça Alfalma neighborhood and after a warm welcome by… [ Continue reading ]

City Guides

Today Wallpaper and Phaidon released 60 city guides for the iPhone and the iPad. They used to have a few for the iPhone only, but we’re glad to see all the featured cities went digital with ‘a precise, informative, insider’s checklist of all you need to know about… [ Continue reading ]