For Thousands of Miles

In For Thousands of Miles film maker Mike Ambs shares the story of a young man’s 6700 kilometer bicycle ride across the Northern United States. Larry McKurtis, at the age of 26, left for the Atlantic ocean, leaving behind the small town he had always known, in search of new experiences. A familiar story mostly ending as a life changing experience for the subject as the people he or she encountered. For Thousands of Miles tells a different story though. 

After 64 days, McKurtis reaches the Atlantic, an ocean he had never before seen, and just as quickly and quietly as his trip had begun, it was over. His bed was just the way he had left it, the small town he had spent all his life in hadn’t changed an inch, but everything and everyone around him felt foreign for the first time. What the young man never anticipated, was just how long his trip would go on after the road had come to an end.

The ambitious project of Ambs has partially been funded up to this point through Kickstarter and the official trailer has just been released on vimeo looking very promising. The poster which also has just been released is designed by WARPAINT Studio. For the final steps in the completion of the film there are still funds needed which can still be shared through the film’s Kickstarter page. When everything goes well the full feature length documentary is expected to be released in April of this year, and director Ambs is aiming for an online release of the film, using VHX, Vimeo, Youtube, iTunes, and Netflix. At the same time he is working with Adventure Cycling Association to map out a 12-state Summer screening tour across the United States.

We look forward seeing this ode to cycling and traveling in general and love the power of crowd funding for projects like this to be made. Support the final stages of the project here!