On Why I Travel

For CitizenMag of the Citizen M Hotel I wrote a little piece ‘On Why I Travel’. Here’s a little excerpt: “Spruce magazine once had the legendary payoff. “Turn heads. Set the tone. Be informed. Have it first.” It inspired me in my work, in my private life — basically in everything I do. It also helped me in my way of travelling, exploring new cities and places. When people ask me how I plan my travels, how I find those nice products, those sweet places to dine and those perfect spots to shop, the secret lies in this quote. It is the hunger, the craving need and the faith to find those unique and special places. But more important it feeds the fear of missing anything. And last but not least, it fixes the problem of feeling ‘naked’ when visiting unknown places.

Although I like that little embarrassed feeling when hitting town — just don’t know what to do, where to start, what to say — I’m sure it will never disappear completely when planning a trip more carefully.” Continue reading on CitizenMag >

Above some pictures of my last trip to Toronto with Holt Renfrew.

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