Mini Details

For me, traveling means collecting stories, sounds, fragrances and images. Not in the big statements–the overwhelming music or megalomanic architecture–but in details. I’m attracted to the details: the small stories behind one image, the sound of a city awakening, that tiny shop around the corner and the subtle smell of flowers along the way. It is those details that make my travels so inspiring and addicting. 

When I bring back to mind my latest travels, I see those details. The beautiful wooden sculptures in that lovely store in New York, the light breeze in the sails on a yacht in Lisbon, the tiny corals washed up on the white beaches of Koh Tao, the smell when entering my favourite coffee place around the corner. All those memories are built on details.

For the Mini issue of citizenMag I made my selection of the top five mini details around the globe, so far. A collection of places, products, and people. Enjoy them here >