The first Curated gift I made was send out this week. A first gift, dedicated to my love to travel. The love for the unknown, of putting everything together you can’t mis and hit the road. Whether it’s from Utrecht to Amsterdam or Amsterdam to London, Los Angeles or Lisbon.
The only thing with traveling is that it doesn’t go really well with my need for structure. In a bag, or a suitcase, things move around, because you have to open up your luggage at the customs, or need that one particular item at the bottom of your suitcase and everything will move upside-down. I needed something to solve this problem. Something special.

Together with Royal Republiq, the Copenhagen and Amsterdam based brand who’s building up a portfolio of some really nice leather accessories, bags, belts and shoes, I have created this first Curated gift, a travel-kit. Three little bags in three different sizes to store all the things you can’t mis when on the road. All hand made in Portugal, in a small factory just above Lisbon.

While it was cold and rainy here in the Netherlands we traveled to Portugal to put the last hand to the ‘Another & Royal Republiq’ Travel Kit. The kit was made in a very small quantity and was only available for my first-time subscribers at Curated.
A big thank you to all my first-time subscribers at Curated, and to Royal Republiq for the great support to create this beautiful gift.

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