A Borderless World

The project named A Borderless World recently caught our attention. The core of it are Andrea Calandri, Armando Romano, Gabriele Greco and Giulio Menichini and their Land Rover Defender which they drove for 33.000 kilometer in a journey that few have managed to do. It brought them from Italy to the Middle-East, Central Asia, South-East Asia, Eastern-Europe and back to Italy.

With the heartfelt intention to have a minuscule contribution in the progress of mutual understanding worldwide, the four Italians wish to demonstrate that the world may be one, and that the different species that populate it share its wealth in peace and harmony. The journey through the borders represents in their eyes the scream of belonging to a planet that welcomed us all, and that therefore we must respect and love, so that we can all enjoy its wonders without worries or fears.

The beautiful photography on their website should at least inspire others towards their ambitious goal as it shows the wonderful diverse aesthetic of the world both geographically and culturally. Let’s hit the road!