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On the plane

I don’t like sitting in a plane for hours, the small space you share with too many people without fresh air. I don’t like it all. But there is definitely something I very much like about going up in the air. Photographer Philip Kalantzis Cope captured that beautifully… [ Continue reading ]

Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von freunden (friends of friends) is an online interview magazine documenting the studio’s, homes and spaces of friends, and friends of friends. Their latest addition is an interview with Jacob Klein and Nathan Cowen, the guys behind, the beautifully curated image… [ Continue reading ]

The Killspencer Workshop Visit

Spencer Nikosey from Killspencer invited me into his workshop downtown LA. After a 45 minutes drive from Manhattan Beach, my taxi driver got a little scared and wondered if I was at the right address. A desolated street with some empty warehouses, old cars and shady businesses was… [ Continue reading ]

48h Los Angeles

I’m back from my 48 hour trip to Los Angeles where we celebrate the launch of the Scion iQ (In Europe and Asia a.k.a. Toyota iQ). It was a great trip, getting some really inspiring insights in Scion’s way of working (still wondering why we don’t do it… [ Continue reading ]

Los Angeles glowing

Last week my friend Ajanaku shared this amazing video by Colin Rich, capturing the electric radiance of Los Angeles at night.  A project that took him 6 months of work… I am delighted to be invited for the launch of the new Scion… [ Continue reading ]

Redeeming Indigo

A few weeks back we were pointed to an article written by Michael Taussig called ‘Redeeming Indigo’. The article was published by Theory, Culture & Society ((SAGE, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore), Vol. 25(3): 1–15)  back in 2008 but after a little research I found out… [ Continue reading ]

The Travel Almanac

At the start of my trips to Berlin, Norway, Manchester and Lucca of last month I picked up the first issue of The Travel Almanac. A new, fresh and beautiful designed magazine featuring a really nice special on Japanese Ryokans (ultra-traditional countryside hotels), interviews with David… [ Continue reading ]


Last week I enjoyed a little trip to Lucca, Italy, to visit the leather workshop where the TravelTeq bags are made. A beautiful little space with 7 craftsman working every day to make one of the best bags in the world. In the upcoming… [ Continue reading ]


We’re just back from two weeks Norway. Two weeks in two cabins in the middle of nowhere, cycling, fishing, walking and enjoying the family. Two remote weeks without internet, almost without any mobile coverage but with a lot of fun, sun, rain and beautiful views over lakes, mountains and… [ Continue reading ]

And off to Norway

Another Something & Company will be ‘closed’ for the coming weeks. I will be traveling up north to the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the south of Norway, to enjoy family, bike and nature. That means, no updates here until early august. Have a great start of the summer!… [ Continue reading ]

Back from Berlin

We’re back from two days Berlin – two days at four fairs with too many brands doing all the same. A few brands stayed in mind, a few details caught our eyes. Like the lovely striped espadrilles by Armor Lux, the crazy denim fabrics by… [ Continue reading ]


We just arrived in Berlin for a few days at Bread & Butter, Capsule, Seek and an already memorable badminton tournament organized by Converse and High Snobiety. Expect a few more posts on our favorite brands, shops and places in Berlin before we’ll head off to Norway for… [ Continue reading ]


I instantly want to go surfing after seeing this trailer of Tracking – a new surfing film by Jimmy James Kinnaird. Inspired by the transitional period in surfing in the late 60’s and early 70’s Kinnaird followed the surfers Ellis Ericson, Jason Salisbury, Niah and Mia  through wild… [ Continue reading ]

Michael Schmidt

I found out about Michael Schmidt and his fantastic photography and short movies thru the Belgium denim label Eat Dust (available at Tenue de Nîmes). Endless road trips on bikes, literally eating dust and catching up with all the mayor bike builders of the… [ Continue reading ]


The coming 3 days I’ll be in Barcelona, on a hunt for the best shops, most delicious restaurants and hidden places for the upcoming Journal de Nîmes, together with Luis and my little boy. Expect new updates this weekend. If you know places we… [ Continue reading ]


The passenger steps onto the overcast deck and remembers a line. Soft was the sun. The wind to his back, he is facing the stern and an endless trail of thoughts drifting away from him towards the horizon. He wants no words, only to enjoy the delicate anticipation of a… [ Continue reading ]


After a lovely week in the south of France I’m back. We’ve enjoyed the wine, the weather but sadly enough not the hills on my bike. A broken rear dropout kept me from climbing the hills, which was too bad, especially since Rapha supported us with some really… [ Continue reading ]

Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss

Last tuesday we were invited to the house of Marc Kreydenweiss, just outside Nîmes, France. In the beautiful rolling hills packed with miles and miles of the Costière de Nîmes grape fields, divided by black lanes of cypress, lies the 20 acres vineyard of Famille Kreydenweiss. At the end of the 20th century the 14th generation of winemakers moved from the Alsace to the Garde to satisfy their passion for red wine with grapes like carignan, grenache, mourvèdre, syrah and grenache. All organic, farming based on the moon calendar, with a cellar build on the golden ratio and constructed on the basis of ancient principles - the place is balanced like a perfect glass of wine. [ Continue reading ]

Amsterdam Inspiration Guide

Tonight Tenue de Nîmes will officially receive the first signed copy of the ‘Amsterdam Inspiration Guide’ by Frame. The guide will be an inspiration guide for cosmopolitan travelers. According to the publishers it will be a handbook to make any traveler at home instantly in our metropolitan city. The book… [ Continue reading ]


Next week we’ll be in France, enjoying the weather, the hills (thanks to Rapha) and the wine (thanks to Chabrol Wines). Updates will be scattered. We will be back and running the 23rd of May. Meanwhile enjoy the updates at the Tenue de Nîmes… [ Continue reading ]

Vedi Napoli e poi muori

At the end of 2010 Dutch graphic designer Jeroen Pruijt moved to Naples. He started a photographic journal, sharing his love for this city thru his analog pictures taken with an old Rollei 35.
In his words, '...Naples could be considered as chaotic, with cars and motorbikes racing around the city not paying attention to traffic lights. She could also be seen as corrupt or dangerous by some, but one thing that Naples could never be considered, is boring. Yes there is a dark side, but the bright side is overwhelming. In Naples the 'good' and 'bad' contrast each other to such an extreme, it's breathtaking.' A contrast that reflects in his beautiful images. [ Continue reading ]

The Life Adventurous

Another great find on flickr today. The work of Robin Mellway. There’s not much information out there, but the pictures speaks for themselves – beautiful – and all shot on 35mm, 120mm and Polaroid films. Make sure you keep an eye on him, and subscribe his… [ Continue reading ]


Now and then I really feel the need of going just somewhere. A remote place, far away from everything we know. Three years ago I traveled to Libya, something you wouldn’t do at this moment, but back then it was one of the safest places one could… [ Continue reading ]