The North Cape in a Classic 911

Pure Classics’ Frank Strothe is a man who likes challenges. He had driven to the Nordkapp in Norway some years ago, but that was in the summer which wasn’t much of a contest in the eyes of the driver. His ambition was to do a winter expedition; “driving in the snow is more fun, especially in a classic car that relies on your driving skill to keep it on the road, rather than a host of electronic safety measures.” 

So in the winter of last year Strothe decided that it was time to finally take his 1966 Porsche 911 and take the journey. People around Strothe recommended equipment like a portable heater, a satellite phone, auxiliary fuel tank, additional lights and a crash course in basic mechanics, all essentials when you take a classic on a hard winter drive. Strothe ignored them all. He wanted a pure experience, so besides from checking the battery and alternator, fitted spiked winter tyres, a sleeping bag and a tent the German started the drive in Kramfors, Sweden.

In six days Strothe and his 911 travelled 6000 kilometers. And apart from two spins, one due to overinflation of his tires which made his spikes totally ineffective, and a spell where the alternator threw a wobbly for a few hours both driver and car succeeded gracefully. (via)