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Facing Pages

We are avid fans of independent magazines and even collected first editions of every magazine we could get our hands on at one point. Therefore we support any significant stage that is given to the beautiful printed products. The largest stage for indie magazines in Europe is Facing Pages: a biennale in the Dutch city of Arnhem celebrating every aspect of the independent magazine, of which the third installment will start the 28th of March. During the festival the city centre of the city, known for its fashion academy, will be transformed into a free haven for magazine makers and lovers. In this year's edition with the theme 'Make magazines not War', a great selection of interesting individuals will participate, focussing on the power of magazines to be a tool for change. Among them are Patrick Waterhouse, creative director at COLORS Magazine, Matthew Holroyd and Jonathan Baron of the beautiful Baron Magazine, Rachel Maria Taylor and Jody Daunton of Another Escape, Francesco Franchi the writer of 'Designing News' and from the Netherlands: Jeroen Boot of Soigneur. [ Continue reading ]

The Alpine Review

The Alpine Review is an outstanding Montréal-based magazine which Tyler Brûlé: "wants to save for the weekend to enjoy, to spend time with it." This truly sums up the impressive magazine which was founded by Louis-Jacques Darveau and Patrick Tanguay in 2012. The publication can be seen as a comprehensive publication that tracks changes in thought, systems and creations around the world in a variety of disciplines ranging from tech to agriculture, design to anthropology. The team behind the publication is multidisciplinary, working with a clear focus within the context of the well-designed fundament of the publication, making The Alpine Review a true compendium of ideas for a world in transition. [ Continue reading ]

Dogme Magazine

On the 17th of February of this year a promising new Swedish magazine called Dogme Magazine will premiere; Stockholm and New York-based Libraryman's first publication. The magazine was created, inspired by the fact that a lens transmits and refracts light, but at the same time also often is used to focus light. Dogme intends to take a closer look through the creative lens of film, fashion, and photography, presenting lucid portraits of their favorite creative subjects. The features promise to be original conversations with industry and non-industry alike, plus portraits and scenarios one might not see otherwise. The magazine will be published irregularly, which points at the intention to produce quality rather then quantity. [ Continue reading ]

MADE Quarterly 03

Last month the third edition of MADE Quarterly was released, and once again graphic designer Thomas Williams and his partner, creative consultant Amber Hourigan, delivered an aesthetic and interesting overview of creative individuals from all over the world. This edition features work from: the always impressive Jean-Philippe Delhomme from France, Snickeriet from Sweden, Josh Oldenburg, Thaddeus Wolfe, Fort Standard, and NADAAA from the United States, Our/Vodka and Lars Focke from Germany, Crumpler from Australia and an essay by Magnus Schifter-Holm, who's also from the Unites States. The cover photograph was shot by Australian contributor Michele Aboud. [ Continue reading ]


Alquimie is a beautiful quarterly publication, which debuted in September of this year, that contemplates alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; their origins and stories. Each edition explores wine, beer, spirits and coffee and extends to anything drinkable; tea, juices, water and beyond. With a combination of wine, photographic and design experience respectively, the publication was founded by four friends; Josh, James, Nic and Raul. The personal experience of the owners is complimentary, as to create a result that is mightier than the sum of its parts. [ Continue reading ]

Journal de Nîmes Nº 9

Last friday we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Tenue de Nîmes. When we started Tenue de Nîmes in 2008 we could not possibly have imagined where our lovely journey would take us in the following years. Our first Journal de Nîmes presented our Tenue de Nîmes philosophy to the world. And five years later here’s the 10th issue. The 5 Year Anniversary issue. [ Continue reading ]

Protein Journal

We really like the new and improved Protein Journal by the inspiring people of Protein. The subject of the first revamped issue is The City. It features articles including a write-up by design critic and author Stephen Bayley on the true value of urban living, a stunning photo piece from film maker Will Robson-Scott chronicling gang life in Chicago named 'Chi Raq' and The Urban Think-Thank piece by Tag Christof featuring the series of pictures of Torre David by my brother. A chat with Nelly Ben Hayoun, the wildly inventive mind behind NASA’s International Space Orchestra, can be found in it as well as a 30 page Insight section featuring extensive investigations into the nature of modern, urban life around the world. [ Continue reading ]

Modern Matter 05

We really like the 5th issue of Modern Matter which was created around the concept of stellar. This is a homonym for its cover star, Stella Tennant on the first place, but is also a word to describe her. 'The interior space of a magazine is defined, by and large, by its writers, its artists and its photographers, while the outer space is often defined by a cover model. Here, Stella Tennant, iconic, playful, a born performer, and above all, independent, embodies the interior and the ethos of Modern Matter magazine, in its first truly unisex issue.' [ Continue reading ]

Kinfolk Digital

We have followed and appreciated Kinfolk Magazine since its first printed publication in 2011 and applaud the introduction of Kinfolk Digital, the brand-new online platform for all things Kinfolk. The online platform promises to be a great digital match for the already proven lovely printed publication. Besides being the online counterpart of the publication, the new platform also offers several new exclusive features which significantly broaden the Kinfolk-horizon. [ Continue reading ]

MADE Quarterly

We really appreciate MADE Quarterly, the journal of which it's first issue was released last October in a collaboration between Process and Hunt Studio, also responsible for the successful Process Journal. MADE is created in Melbourne by the individuals behind the studio, graphic designer Thomas Williams and his partner, creative consultant Amber Hourigan. The journal focusses on creativity in the broad sense of the word, covering the inspiring processes of creative individuals out of a broad spectrum of fields from around the globe. Instead of a focus on solely the end-product or services, MADE’s goal is to find out what the drive is for creatives from different fields of expertise. In the first edition this includes individuals from the field of architecture, product design, photography, graphic design and the culinary world. [ Continue reading ]

Soigneur No 2

Yesterday Soigneur released its second issue. Another great magazine jam-packed with inspirational stories, lovely portraits and features on the highly needed products all for the love of road cycling. I was invited by Soigneur and Rapha to join them on the road less travelled… [ Continue reading ]

Fool Magazine

We would like to present to you yet another (overwhelmingly beautiful) food magazine named FOOL. Don't be misguided by the name of the magazine, because the magazine founded by Swedish husband and wife Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen is nothing to be fooled with. Lotta and Per-Anders named the magazine 'FOOL' as a play on the word 'Food' and foolishness which is what modern gastronomy is about in their eyes. The exquisite eye of the highly experienced food photographer Per-Anders makes that FOOL takes food photography to the next level. [ Continue reading ]

Gage + DeSoto

Recently we were introduced to the New York based Gage + DeSoto, a project in which founder Mike Spriggs combines his profound love (shared by me) of books and cycling. Mike, also a former collaborator with Rapha for the New York Cycle Club, recently opened a small storefront in Brooklyn which is open in the weekends and is doing business online around the clock. Gage + DeSoto has a wonderful bike related collection consisting of magazines, books, notebooks and prints, but also has t-shirts, cycling shirts, cycling hats and helmets and all kinds of accessories which you can use on and with your bike. [ Continue reading ]

Gather Journal

Via our friends at Protein we discovered another great new (food) magazine: Gather Journal. The bi-annual magazine created by former NYLON fashion editors Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo started out of their shared love for food and wanted to be more than your average recipe-based magazine with boring aesthetic. Assisted by the renowned food stylist and chef Maggie Ruggiero who edited the recipes, they created the first issue in only three months. Every issue has one particular theme (the first issue is based around the theme Float)  and is divided into chapters, based on the way we divide our meals into amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts. [ Continue reading ]

Creative for Us – from Romania

Something for a rainy sunday afternoon like this: A new publication from a corner of Europe where we’d least expect it from: Bucharest, Romania. Creative director Stefan Trifan started an art, culture and fashion magazine bringing together the best ideas and most wonderful people of Romania. Featuring interviews,… [ Continue reading ]

Modern Matter 02

A new issue of Modern Matter magazine, covering a nice mix of technology, style and conceptual art, was released last weak. In this 230 pages heavy issue an exclusive cover-shoot by Jurgen Teller. A conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dimitar Sasselov about art and astronomy. John Baldessari… [ Continue reading ]

Suit Up or Die

There's a new magazine, and this time not a paper one, but a beautifully designed online publication. Please welcome the first issue of the Swedish online magazine Suit Up or Die. A magazine dedicated to style, sharing 'a look at how fashion, art and aesthetics are being transformed by the online revolution'. A magazine sharing new impressions and ideas, visual, intellectual and spiritual for the ones who knows that to relieve boredom you have to love what you do or do what you love... We like that very much! [ Continue reading ]


Yesterday a new Dutch magazine was launched called Soigneur, a stylish and beautifully made magazine dedicated to road cycling. Documenting the love for cycling and the world around in interviews, photo reports, and background stories the magazine is a welcome alternative to the boring industry magazines. Featured in this… [ Continue reading ]

Travel Almanac 03

And another magazine release today: the new issue of the Travel Almanac. The magazine is looking amazing again with features on Rick Owens sharing his thoughts on his home in Paris and personal pictures of Rome; Norbert Bisky, the celebrated German painter, describes how navigating cities coincides with his artistic… [ Continue reading ]

FAT Magazine

Copenhagen-based design agency Dyhr.Hagen recently published FAT Magazine. A beautifully made magazine with an international outlook and global scope. Fat stands for Fashion, Art, Type & contemporary genres that offer mutual inspiration. Sounds like everything we love! The second issue, issue B, features some lovely… [ Continue reading ]

Baron Magazine

Blommers & Schumm shot this lovely series of images for a new magazine from London, called Baron. Baron is a so-called ‘Erotic Paperback Magazine for gentlemen and ladies who enjoy a cocktail, chit chatting about modern art, fine dressing and when the lights faint and the… [ Continue reading ]

Atlas Quarterly

Last time we visited Los Angeles we found the beautiful magazine Atlas Quarterly, a print publication that curates American craft and curio. Each page of the glossy magazine tells the story of dedicated craftsmen and precious objects from the past. Inside every copy is a rare… [ Continue reading ]

Endless Traveling

Just back from a lovely trip to Lisbon (later more on that) I stumbled upon a new travel magazine called Endless. And since we love being on the road, and since we can’t put it more spot on, here’s what they say about it: “Travelling involves the unexpected. [ Continue reading ]