MADE Quarterly

We really appreciate MADE Quarterly, the journal of which it’s first issue was released last October in a collaboration between Process and Hunt Studio, also responsible for the successful Process Journal. MADE is created in Melbourne by the individuals behind the studio, graphic designer Thomas Williams and his partner, creative consultant Amber Hourigan. The journal focusses on creativity in the broad sense of the word, covering the inspiring processes of creative individuals out of a broad spectrum of fields from around the globe. Instead of a focus on solely the end-product or services, MADE’s goal is to find out what the drive is for creatives from different fields of expertise. In the first edition this includes individuals from the field of architecture, product design, photography, graphic design and the culinary world.

Before Williams and Hourigan started Hunt Studio in 2007 they both gained experience working for different studios. After one year of work under the Hunt eponym they released Process Journal focussing on graphic design. With that journal established the partners decided to act on the idea they had in the back of their minds for quite a while; to focus on creativity in a publication, resulting in MADE.

Williams has stated on their new brainchild:

 “MADE is a publication about uncovering the inner workings and creative processes of inspirational people from around the world. The content of MADE is hand selected, and is not limited to any specific genre or creative discipline. We are big believers in quality, not quantity!”

After Williams and Hourigan made the final decision to create MADE, the development of the first edition took approximately six months. Williams: “Development of a first edition is always a sobering experience! Essentially acting as both creator and client there is a lot of time spent establishing what you want to the publication to be, how it looks and how you believe it will be perceived by your audience. Whoever said that designing for yourself is tougher than any client is a wise person indeed!”

In our eyes Hunt Studio has succeeded very nicely in this double role and look forward what subjects are covered in the next issue!