Fool Magazine

We would like to present to you yet another (overwhelmingly beautiful) food magazine named FOOL. Don’t be misguided by the name of the magazine, because the magazine founded by Swedish husband and wife Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen is nothing to be fooled with. Lotta and Per-Anders named the magazine ‘FOOL’ as a play on the word ‘Food’ and foolishness which is what modern gastronomy is about in their eyes. The exquisite eye of the highly experienced food photographer Per-Anders makes that FOOL takes food photography to the next level.

And even with it’s cover, a very Scandinavian looking fellow with a beard, long blonde hair and wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and a fur coat, it stands out in the field of food magazines. In an interview with Fine Dinging Lovers the couple states: “We like working with photographs and illustrations the same way as fashion magazines. There are no no recipes; no high end fashion magazine would have sewing patterns for clothes. Gastronomy needs to be taken seriously but with humor.” If taking a matter serious with humor means food photography as seen in FOOL everybody should try to find a way to work with the paradox.

FOOL magazine is a wonderful source of inspiration and information which will leave you with an undeniable urge to cook.

The magazine is available here!