Soigneur No 2

Yesterday Soigneur released its second issue. Another great magazine jam-packed with inspirational stories, lovely portraits and features on the highly needed products all for the love of road cycling. I was invited by Soigneur and Rapha to join them on the road less travelled – and got a chance to take a look behind the scenes of the production of Bohemia, their first European Rapha Continental feature.
The result is a pages long article sharing my ideas on why I cycle and why I believe Rapha is doing such a good job translating the emotion of todays road cycling into a performance lifestyle brand. The dedication to perfection, the well balanced amount of simplicity and, above all, the authenticity all comes together in ‘Fietsen zonder ruis’ (Cycling without noise). Get the latest issue of Soigneur here (Dutch only) and more important, get yourself on a bike!