The Alpine Review

The Alpine Review is an outstanding Montréal-based magazine which Tyler Brûlé: “wants to save for the weekend to enjoy, to spend time with it.” This truly sums up the impressive magazine which was founded by Louis-Jacques Darveau and Patrick Tanguay in 2012. The publication can be seen as a comprehensive publication that tracks changes in thought, systems and creations around the world in a variety of disciplines ranging from tech to agriculture, design to anthropology. The team behind the publication is multidisciplinary, working with a clear focus within the context of the well-designed fundament of the publication, making The Alpine Review a true compendium of ideas for a world in transition.

Founder Louis-Jacques Darveau is a multidisciplinary strategic advisor whose client-facing work focuses on new ventures, innovation opportunities, product development and marketing. He has wide-ranging experience working with clients in Canada, the US and Europe, delivering solutions designed to boost performance. His interests include issues related to complexity, turbulence, good governance and good society. Founding partner Patrick Tanguay is a creative generalist on a constant quest for information—always reading, researching and connecting. He’s interested in the disruption of everything, in the rise of open and in understanding the shifts our world is undergoing. Next to The Alpine Review co-founded Station C, the oldest coworking space in Canada and is a founding trustee of The Awesome Foundation Montréal.

The second issue of the magazine, which was released in November of 2013, was created around the theme of ‘Returns’. As the rate of change accelerates, many of us are devoting more and more energy to finding meaning, balance and a map that works. In pursuit of steady ground, we find ourselves looking to the past for solutions, inspiration, humility and truth. This more complete perspective allows us to weigh and measure the findings of today and yesterday, to pick what is appropriate, what works and what is real, and discard the obsolete, superfluous or absurd. Returning to first principles, original baselines and classic simplicity we take what has worked to solve what hasn’t, equipping ourselves with the wisdom of the ages as we correct and forge our path ahead.

We are truly inspired by the level of quality content combined with the beautiful design of The Alpine Review and look forward to the third issue!

For more information an to acquire the first two issues see here.