Dogme Magazine

On the 17th of February of this year a promising new Swedish magazine called Dogme Magazine will premiere; Stockholm and New York-based Libraryman‘s first publication. The magazine was created, inspired by the fact that a lens transmits and refracts light, but at the same time also often is used to focus light. Dogme intends to take a closer look through the creative lens of film, fashion, and photography, presenting lucid portraits of their favorite creative subjects. The features promise to be original conversations with industry and non-industry alike, plus portraits and scenarios one might not see otherwise. The magazine will be published irregularly, which points at the intention to produce quality rather then quantity.

The debut edition will feature stories on: Anders Danielsen Lie, Harmony Korine, Hunter Carson, Julia Faure, M. Blash, Nathalia Acevedo, Nèstor Almendros, Ryo Kase, Lutz Huelle, Linus Bill, Adrien Horni, So Yong Kim, Bradley Rust Gray, Marques ‘ Almeida ans Sarah Hagan. The impressive list of interesting contributors consists of: Martien Mulder, Bettina Sorg, Jonas Mekas, Nicholas Haggard, Anders Edström, Ola Rindal, Henry Roy, Adam Saletti, Hanayo Nakajima, Jason Lee Rhyno, Takashi Homma, Junsuke Yamasaki, Linus Bill, Adrien Horni, Osamu Yokonami, Todd Jordan, Sanna Helena Berger, Torbjørn Rødland and Simon Mercer.

Libraryman is a company that focusses on Publishing, Art Direction, Design and Production. It was founded in September 2008 by Tony Cederteg . In 2012 the company produced a short film called Fikon, which was also directed by Cederteg. The film premiered at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam which called it: “Captivatingly filmed, very candid story about a now-ended relationship. Memories of a brief, passionate affair. In all simplicity strongly portrayed debut with text and images engaging in a riveting battle.”

We love how Cederteg has expanded his vision from film to publishing and look forward to the release of the magazine.

For more information see here.