Alquimie is a beautiful quarterly publication, which debuted in September of this year, that contemplates alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; their origins and stories. Each edition explores wine, beer, spirits and coffee and extends to anything drinkable; tea, juices, water and beyond. With a combination of wine, photographic and design experience respectively, the publication was founded by four friends; Josh, James, Nic and Raul. The personal experience of the owners is complimentary, as to create a result that is mightier than the sum of its parts.

The magazine was created out of respect for the tried and tested drinks that instil comfort into the daily routines. Self-owned and published, the project retains complete creative liberty over the choice of its content. The finished product is designed to be accessible for a wide variety of consumers without being pretentious. It is also created to be timeless, and as immune to the decay of trends as possible. Writing is sourced and commissioned, photography and illustration play a major part in the narrative of each edition of Alquimie, with in our eyes great aesthetic quality. Contributors live all around the world, with one common characteristic: being their passion and generosity.

In its different sorts of subscriptions, Alquimie has created options which go beyond just the publication. On the first place it has created the possibility for subscribers  to gain access to the online archive and get invitations to special tastings and events. But on top of that one can select that each quarter an assortment of two (the Sampler subsription) or six (the Complete subscription) rare wines from across the globe will arrive at the doorstep alongside the publication, forming a package which perfectly reflects the philosophy and outlook of Alquimie. Creating the best possibly context to browse the publication, while tasting exactly what the creators of Alquimie truly enjoy themselves!

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