Journal de Nîmes Nº 9

Last friday we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Tenue de Nîmes. When we started Tenue de Nîmes in 2008 we could not possibly have imagined where our lovely journey would take us in the following years. Our first Journal de Nîmes presented our Tenue de Nîmes philosophy to the world. And five years later here’s the 10th issue. The 5 Year Anniversary issue.

Three of the many highlights of this issue are a portrait of the astonishing Hancock Vulcanised Articles brand, the interview with Christophe Loiron, founder of the LA-based ‘Mister Freedom’ and an introduction to the 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star. Another must-read is an extensive piece in which Tenue de Nîmes provides an insight into the life of indigo master Bryan Whitehead at his silk farm in Fujino, Japan. Then there is the article on Monitaly, the new brand of Yuketen founder Yuki Matsuda which he gave a unique proposition: ‘casual up’. In this journal he explains it is his aim to improve upon a casual garment to achieve elegance and sophistication. Last this Journal de Nîmes introduces you to two exciting new projects: The birth of the first Tenue de Nîmes jean and the release of the Limited Edition Natural Indigo Red Wing Shoe. More about the last in a upcoming post. This 10th publication is the very first in full colour and we are super excited about the result.

The paper version is available to all our friends visiting the stores as from today! For an online view click here >