Kinfolk Digital

We have followed and appreciated Kinfolk Magazine since its first printed publication in 2011 and applaud the introduction of Kinfolk Digital, the brand-new online platform for all things Kinfolk. The online platform promises to be a great digital match for the already proven lovely printed publication. Besides being the online counterpart of the publication, the new platform also offers several new exclusive features which significantly broaden the Kinfolk-horizon.

A wonderful (new) feature of Kinfolk Digital is the option to digitally read the current and, more importantly, all back issues of Kinfolk magazine, some of which have been out of print a long time already. Kinfolk Digital also features new original stories focusing on small gatherings and things to cook make and do, including recipes, interviews and practical advice from the growing global community of food experts and friends of Kinfolk.

Other promising new features are for instance the Kinfolk Saturdays video series which offers its viewers adventurous ideas for ways to spend your weekend. And there is the new City Guides section, which will highlight shops, restaurants and all sorts of things loved by Kinfolk.

Make sure to fully use Kinfolk Digital on all electronic outlets; your desk- or laptop, mobile phone and tablet! It’s worth all!