MADE Quarterly 03

Last month the third edition of MADE Quarterly was released, and once again graphic designer Thomas Williams and his partner, creative consultant Amber Hourigan, delivered an aesthetic and interesting overview of creative individuals from all over the world. This edition features work from: the always impressive Jean-Philippe Delhomme from France, Snickeriet from Sweden, Josh Oldenburg, Thaddeus Wolfe, Fort Standard, and NADAAA from the United States, Our/Vodka and Lars Focke from Germany, Crumpler from Australia and an essay by Magnus Schifter-Holm, who’s also from the Unites States. The cover photograph was shot by Australian contributor Michele Aboud.

The feature story on Australian photographer Michael Aboud turned out both beautiful and insightful on how the Sydney-born works. Aboud is currently one of Australia’s most respected photographers. A graduate of the Photographic College of London and UCLA, Aboud’s fashion and beauty editorial work and portraiture have featured in pretty much every Australian fashion magazine, as well as international titles such as Interview, Wired, Grazia UK, and ELLE Singapore. She also worked for the likes of Lancôme, Lindt, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Nokia. For this issue of MADE she shot a beautiful husky and an owl and the interview also features several earlier photographs.

We love the consistent work of Williams and Hourigan and already look forward to the next issue!

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