Gage + DeSoto

Recently we were introduced to the New York based Gage + DeSoto, a project in which founder Mike Spriggs combines his profound love (shared by me) of books and cycling. Mike, also a former collaborator with Rapha for the New York Cycle Club, recently opened a small storefront in Brooklyn which is open in the weekends and is doing business online around the clock. Gage + DeSoto has a wonderful bike related collection consisting of magazines, books, notebooks and prints, but also has t-shirts, cycling shirts, cycling hats and helmets and all kinds of accessories which you can use on and with your bike.

When Mike started in 2008 he was mostly designing and screen printing cycling related t-shirts, slowly growing bigger over the years and learning the ins and outs of the business. In the fall of 2010 the development of Gage + DeSoto progressed significantly when Brett Cleaver joined Mike and became the second half of the company. Together Mike and Brett have pushed their brand, expanded their collection and opened their storefront in Brooklyn since.

We hope to visit their store in the near future and until that moment we’ll keep following Mike and Brett via their website!