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The Cyclist Raincoat

Running for seven more days on Kickstarter, we were tipped by our friend Jon Woodroof on this exciting project by newly founded Amsterdam-based label senscommon, which is looking to reach its goal in finding the funds to introduce their innovative Cyclist Raincoat to the world. The both aesthetic and pragmatic coat is breathable, lightweight and was designed with a split hem that can be attached to the legs — making it ideal for cycling. The beautiful piece of elegant design is the result of four years of observing and experimenting within different concepts of a raincoat suited for cycling by the apparel designer Laura Silinska. Shortlisted in the Muji Design Awards in 2014, the coat is now fully developed and ready to be marketed under the label senscommon, supported by tokyobike and BOOKMAN.

The Cyclist Raincoat was created inspired by high performance, produced in a technical fabric developed specifically for the project — a matte black melange of nylon and polyester backed with a waxed and airbrushed waterproof yet breathable coating. The coat's most innovative feature, which we really appreciate, is the fastening system of the hem, which makes the raincoat truly compatible with cycling on any type of bike. Snapping the push buttons around the legs on the hem of the coat enables the wearer to move safely while staying dry from head to knees.

Silinska and her team succeed in marrying both function and aesthetic, without compromising either, making this one of the most elegant raincoats fit for cycling that's on the market (soon!). [ Continue reading ]


There was a time in which we had our eye on Kickstarter way more often then now a days, regularly finding interesting and exciting new projects funded (or sometimes failing to do so; we still can't believe 'Under Black Carpets' didn't succeed at that time) through their own community. Recently we have trouble finding the real gems (maybe there are few these days) and our last writing on such campaign or project was the successfully funded, inspirational conclusive book-project by hero Rob Lutter. Recently we finally discovered a new project which came to life through the crowd-funding platform which we really like. Promising London born and bred fashion brand Bethnals was founded by creative product developer and former Topshop denim buyer Melissa Clement in 2013 and raised its proper funding a year later to create a label focussing on basic, fuss-free denim for men and women at a very sharp price-point, that speaks volumes without the need to be loud. Finding inspiration in the cutting edge music, art and fashion scene of England's capital, there's a clear Scandinavian influence to be observed in their output as well, with the recently released Spring/Summer 2016 collection showing a maturity seldom seen at brands as young as Bethnals. Keep an eye on this promising name from London. [ Continue reading ]

A Thousand Dawns

In September of 2013 we wrote about the fascinating story of Rob Lutter, who in 2011 had left England by bike and had travelled all the way to Hong Kong for charity. At that moment he sought new funds via Kickstarter to continue being on the road, which he eventually did. A staggering 4,5 years after Rob has left England he covered 40.000 kilometer by bike, completing a tremendous quest all around the world. With the journey officially having reached its final destination a last Kickstarter project has gone live now to create the best possible presentation of the endeavor in an elegant printed form. Rob's goal is to publish two books: 'A Thousand Dawns'; describing the story of the ride and 'Lifecycle'; presenting a collection of selected photos and tales. Make sure to support this remarkable project and man, to let him reach one last final destination. [ Continue reading ]

OPENHOUSE Magazine 03

About one and a half years ago we discovered the Kickstarter campaign which funded the very first OPENHOUSE Magazine, and after its release in June of 2014 it rightly so impressed a lot of people and got picked up worldwide. Six months later the second issue was released and throughout last June and July the just as highly anticipated third magazine by founders Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal was launched at different locations in Europe. In the inspirational third chapter Andrew and Mari share their insightful and colorful stories from all over the world. We particularly love the story on our dear favorite Coloni, who were visited in their headquarters in Sweden and shared the story of their floating Pocket Park, that was set up to teach residents that you don't need to have a large space to grow your own flowers and vegetables. Make sure to pick up the beautiful third OPENHOUSE Magazine and be inspired. [ Continue reading ]

Atelier des Martyrs

Since the very moment we stumbled upon the first imagery by coincidence, we have been fascinated by Atelier des Martyrs. The New York City-based and French made brand was erupted to create beautiful products to fragrance the home, and is now searching for final funding via Kickstarter to start their journey and get the first series of products produced. Following an extensive but unsatisfying research in the landscape of scented candles, founder Matthieu discovered the deficiency in simple, well designed, gender neutral, and above all natural and cruelty free products. In order for Atelier des Martyrs to become all the things mentioned and more, an entire suit of olfactory products were developed by Matthieu and his team, prototyped to absolute perfection. All candles are handmade using mouth blown glass, cotton wicks and only pure natural Rapeseed wax for the candles, resulting in a line of ecologically friendly products of the highest quality. [ Continue reading ]

The Great Discontent 02

It must be a very good month for Ryan and Tina Essmaker, the married duo behind the inspirational project named The Great Discontent. Their platform was launched as a digital publication focussing on the darker side of creativity; the risks, the failures and the disappointments everyone who creates has to deal with, which they last year translated to a great tactile printed publication. Funded through Kickstarter, and in a collaboration with designer Frank Chimero, who assisted with editorial design and art direction, the first issue of the printed quarterly magazine saw light in the Summer of 2014 and was received very positive. At the beginning of this month the beautiful second issue was officially launched and some weeks later it was announced that the TGD debut was totally sold out, underlining that the step taken by Ryan and Tina to fully focus on their platform was a great decision. The second printed issue, with singer Sharon van Etten on the cover, revolves around the theme of hustle and implores the reader to reconsider the idea of making it —both how we do it and how we define it— which proves to be another perfect angle for the honest and revealing stories by The Great Discontent. [ Continue reading ]

OPENHOUSE Magazine 02

The day before yesterday OPENHOUSE Magazine launched its highly anticipated second issue, after 6 months in which the Kickstarter funded debut edition of magazine spread its wings all over the planet, with Tenue de Nîmes as one of the many places where it could be found. Based in San Sebastian, Spain, OPENHOUSE was founded by Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal and is a magazine with a clear focus on beautiful photography and captivating interviews with people who invite the reader to their special places around the world. In the second issue Andrew and Mari talk to Jermome Waag, head chef at Chez Panisse, about what he likes to cook at home for his friends in his time off. In Barcelona the inspirational warehouse space Espacio 88 is visited. It holds an architecture studio, a coffee van in the mornings, and many different pop-ups. Also the Freunde von Freunden Apartment in Berlin is featured in one of the stories. We particularly love the story that takes its reader to a small village in the Italian countryside, where Attillio and Paola live in the old Cinema Flora, and regularly open their doors for film nights, with in the portrayed night one of our all-time favorite movies, Matthieu Kassovitz' La Haine being shown. We love how Andrew and Mari show great consistency and even growth within this second issue, which very likely will win over even more hearts than their debut. [ Continue reading ]

Atlas 03

When we visited Los Angeles in 2012 we first found out about the beautiful Kickstarter funded magazine named Atlas. The project, founded by New York-based writer and editor Laura Palmer and art director Jenna Yankun, is a print publication that curates American craft and curio. Each page of the elegant magazine tells the story of dedicated craftsmen and precious objects from the past. Last summer the third beautiful issue of Atlas was released. The latest edition charts new waters by crossing the great grey seas, far beyond the border of the United States and shares the stories of craftsmen and curio collectors from around the world. Among the inspirational stories one finds the story about salt harvesting along the Oregon coast, secrets of single-malt Scotch making and tips from vintage denim hounds. The little gift added to this particular issue is a clip from a vintage sea chart completing another wonderful issue by Laura and Jenna. [ Continue reading ]

The Office Blend

We have written about the incredible Athens-based webstore named Daphnis and Chloe when we found out about it in July of this year. The elegant and exquisite project was founded by Evangelia Koutsovoulou who divides her time between between Athens, Milan and Barcelona. The webstore which was funded through Kickstarter focusses on culinary herbs and spices for chefs and home cooks who are looking for Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality. Last week Evangelia and her team released an all new offering in the form of their caffeine-free alternative to normal tea which they named ‚The Office Blend’. Next to the new premium tea, which comes in a colorful all new container, the store has released this new packaging for all its herbs ensuring the best possible use for their fine herbs in the area where it matters most: the kitchen. [ Continue reading ]

Epo Bicycle

Cycling is a very significant part of the Dutch culture and it has been for many decades. However, an affordable, contemporary Dutch bicycle disappeared from our streets a while ago. The explanation is reasonably simple; a bicycle is a labour intensive product, and for this reason, almost all bicycle manufactures, and with them a lot of other fields of production, moved their production to low-cost labor countries, mostly in South-East Asia. This impressive graduation project by Design Academy Eindhoven alumni Bob Schiller, which he named Epo, aims to revive the local industry and bring production back to the Netherlands. We are very impressed by his design and attached ambition, which also gained him a nomination for the Keep an Eye grant which will be awarded to one graduated student on the 18th of October. [ Continue reading ]


When the concept for the inspiring fragrance innovator Commodity came up, the goal was to offer something new, or in a sense bringing back the traditional personalized, reminiscent of the French and English aristocracy, way of finding your personal fragrance, rather then smelling like everybody else. After a year of preparation a Kickstarter campaign was started in April 2013 and with a final backing that far exceeded the goal that was set a new exciting company was born. Over a year now, Commodity has online been offering premium scents without the usual markup, nicely tailored to your style and preferences, delivered all the way to your door, leaving that sincere mark that was intended on a rather generic industry, dominated by big luxury brands and marketing instead of intrinsic products. [ Continue reading ]

Alphabet Family Journal

Tipped by the good people of OPENHOUSE Magazine we recently found out about the new triennial magazine named Alphabet Family Journal, published in Sydney, Australia. The magazine explores the heart and soul of what it means to make a home together, giving an unfiltered snapshot of modern families, in all its guises. It is a magazine that celebrates  the beauty of the everyday: from the loud chaos, to the quiet times, and all the unscripted moments in-between that merge to form a memory, a home and a family. It is this approach combined with a beautiful aesthetic that sets Alphabet Family Journal apart from a lot of other publications, truly adding something to the printed world. [ Continue reading ]

Daphnis and Chloe

Recently we came across the inspiring Athens-based Kickstarter funded webstore named Daphnis and Chloe, founded by Evangelia Koutsovoulou, which focusses on culinary herbs and spices for chefs and home cooks who are looking for Mediterranean ingredients of the finest quality. Local varieties of Mediterranean herbs are sourced from the areas of Greece where they naturally perform better, making their products of the highest quality. In the seasonings and infusions one finds at Daphnis and Chloe, city cooks can smell and taste the genuine bounty that can only be encountered in the natural state of things, without having to visit the remote islands and valleys where each herb has chosen to grow. Around these exquisite products a distinct aesthetic was created online and in the packaging, making Daphnis and Chloe by far the most elegant choice when looking for the finest herbs and spices. [ Continue reading ]

Hemen Biarritz

The Basques, living in the south of France and the north of Spain, believe that in the olden days, during transhumance, the sheperds’ wives used to give their husbands an undergarment that was endowed with the power to protect them from the harshness of nature’s elements. The new fashion brand Hemen Biarritz, 'hemen' means 'here' in Basque language, managed to revive the genuine savoir-faire and the high-quality textiles that built the reputation of this legendary present. The idea for Hemen was sparked by this century-old tradition, but financing, as happens with so many great initiatives now a days, was found in a very modern fashion through Kickstarter. The brand designs underwear with personnality for the men of today. Inspired by the Basque country, its traditions, its history, its craft and culture, the strength and colors of the elements, all the products are designed in the famous surf city Biarritz, one of the more prominent cities of the Basque country, under the name Hemen Biarritz. [ Continue reading ]

The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent was launched as a digital publication focussing on the darker side of creativity; the risks, the failures and the disappointments everybody has to deal with, but one rarely reads about in publications. After almost three years Ryan and Tina Essmaker, the married duo behind TGD, quit their jobs and made the decision to materialize The Great Discontent as a printed publication. For the inaugural printed issue which was released last month, Ryan and Tina teamed up with designer Frank Chimero to assist with editorial design and art direction, and as with many impressive new publications, financing was found directly through their existing community via Kickstarter. After 30 days in February and March the funds were raised to create The Great Discontent, Issue One and now the beautiful magazine is here. In it one finds 17 interviews with interesting creatives like Aaron Draplin, Alastair Humphreys, James Victore, Anna Wolf, Lotta Nieminen, Debbie Millman, Matt Porterfield, Ryan Bingham, Tavi Gevinson and Roman Mars. [ Continue reading ]


On the 6th of June the first issue of OPENHOUSE Magazine finally saw light after it found funding through Kickstarter earlier this year. Based in San Sebastian, Spain, OPENHOUSE was founded by Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal and is a magazine with a clear focus on beautiful photography and captivating interviews with people who invite the reader to their special places around the world. The first issue features interesting stories among which is; German fashion brand BLESS, which houses its Berlin shop inside a private home and Jo Nagasaka, a famous architect and designer who opens his Tokyo studio for the public for many different events. It also features GnamBox in Milan who invite creative people into their kitchen to record their home made recipes, and share them on their website. But also 'regular' people are introduced; like Niki Robinson who opens her doors to guests via Airbnb and organizes theatre events and concerts there. And also Jacobo and Luis in the Costa Brave who use their weekend home, Palau de Casavells, as a gallery for art, design and antiques. Each issue will also present a recipe. In the first issue chef Andoni of Mugariz shares what he likes to cook at home for his friends. [ Continue reading ]

Cinci Lei by Joost Vandebrug

'Cinci Lei' by Dutch photographer Joost Vandebrug follows the lives of a group of kids that inhabit the tunnels underneath the streets of Bucharest, oftenly referred to as the Lost Boys. Vandebrug has been documenting the Lost Boys since early 2011. Over the years he has become very close with many of them, learning their incredible stories. He saw the coming of age of a generation set against a backdrop of drug addiction, powerful friendships, orphanages, harsh winters and boiling summers. It started when Vandebrug gave Costel, one of the Lost Boys, a few pictures that he had shot of him the day before, and he then carefully invited him down to show where he lived. With no common language, photography became a way to communicate. 'Cinci Lei' has been the first official publication of the inspiring project by Vandebrug and was financed through Kickstarter. [ Continue reading ]

99 x 99s

Luke Stephenson just started a Kickstarter campaign to publish his latest beautiful series in a collaboration with YES, who also designed 'An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds'. Named '99 x 99s', the series is a photographic project which documents the story of the 99 ice cream through a photographic road trip around the UK. In the summer of 2013, over 25 days and 3,500 miles, Stephenson travelled around the coastline of Great Britain. Going from place to place the photographer was fascinated by the human touches that make each 99 ice cream unique. In the series the seaside ice cream vans and parlours that sold the 99s are also portrayed and the myths which surround this very British icon are discussed, giving the project a significant anthropological dimension, next to Stephenson's excellent eye for finding beautiful aesthetics in unexpected places. [ Continue reading ]

The Lifecycle Adventure

Some people don't travel, they explore. They explore new ways of crossing the world, they explore new places and new boundaries. Rob Lutter is one of those people. Two years ago, on a windy day in London, Rob Lutter got on his bike and cycled down the road, and he didn't stop. Day after day, for 24 months, he cycled more than 15.000 kilometer all the way to Hong Kong to raise money for charity. As he has reached his initial destination and his hunger for exploration hasn't been stilled, Lutter is now raising funds from Hong Kong for the next stage of his journey. The aim is to cross South East Asia, Indonesia, Australia, the US from west to east, with a final stretch from Scotland to England. [ Continue reading ]

40 Years of Patagonia

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, California-based outdoor clothing brand Patagonia have released The Legacy collection. A collection that solely takes inspiration from Patagonia’s iconic pieces located in their archives. Down jackets, fleece vests, multi-paneled rock-climbing pants, and element-repelling outerwear which made Patagonia the well-known brand it is today are being reproduced in their original styles. Photographed by Foster Huntington, the lookbook created for the collection shows Foster's friend Trevor, with whom the photographer took a trip in a 1991 Jeep Comanche, which Trevor bought, all the way from Fort Collins in Colorado back to California dressed in different pieces of the collection. [ Continue reading ]

Under Black Carpets

Under Black Carpets is an incredible project by Ilona Gaynor, a designer with a critical attitude towards society. Gaynor's work is centred around design as plot and with Under Black Carpets she has taken the role of the masterful architect of a major heist. Raising funds through Kickstarter for the final stage of the project, Under Black Carpets already received a lot of media attention and has gone through an initial two years of research in various stages. The first year was supported and funded by the Ridley Scott Associates Residency award. In it's final stage the project takes the fascinating form of a collection of evidence created around a fictional meticulously calculated bank heist of five banks surrounding the One Wilshire skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. [ Continue reading ]

Narratively – The Past is Present

Based in the city that, supposedly, never sleeps Narratively wanted to slow down the news cycle instead of following (or rather be sucked in) the dominant maelstrom of stories. The project launched in September 2012 by publisher and editor-in-chief, Noah Rosenberg, and managing editor, Brendan Spiegel, is another of those projects adding more and more significance to crowd funding platform Kickstarter. From February 2013 the platform even saw the possibility to broaden their horizon beyond New York City and started sharing stories from places all over the world, offering the platform to an ever-growing audience. The beginning of this month, less then a year after the launch, the platform was named as part of TIME's 50 Best Websites of 2013.  [ Continue reading ]

Plant-in City

We really like this Kickstarter project which envisions a new direction for plants in an urban environment. Plant-in City is a collaboration between architects, designers, and technologists who are building new ways of interacting with nature. The sculptural Plant-in City terrariums combine modular architecture, basic laws of physics, embedded technologies, and mobile computing to construct a Plant City where the aesthetic meets the pragmatic. [ Continue reading ]

For Thousands of Miles

In For Thousands of Miles film maker Mike Ambs shares the story of a young man’s 6700 kilometer bicycle ride across the Northern United States. Larry McKurtis, at the age of 26, left for the Atlantic ocean, leaving behind the small town he had always known, in search of new experiences. A familiar story mostly ending as a life changing experience for the subject as the people he or she encountered. For Thousands of Miles tells a different story though.  [ Continue reading ]