On the 6th of June the first issue of OPENHOUSE Magazine finally saw light after it found funding through Kickstarter earlier this year. Based in San Sebastian, Spain, OPENHOUSE was founded by Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal and is a magazine with a clear focus on beautiful photography and captivating interviews with people who invite the reader to their special places around the world. The first issue features interesting stories among which is; German fashion brand BLESS, which houses its Berlin shop inside a private home and Jo Nagasaka, a famous architect and designer who opens his Tokyo studio for the public for many different events. It also features GnamBox in Milan who invite creative people into their kitchen to record their home made recipes, and share them on their website. But also ‘regular’ people are introduced; like Niki Robinson who opens her doors to guests via Airbnb and organizes theatre events and concerts there. And also Jacobo and Luis in the Costa Brave who use their weekend home, Palau de Casavells, as a gallery for art, design and antiques. Each issue will also present a recipe. In the first issue chef Andoni of Mugariz shares what he likes to cook at home for his friends.

OPENHOUSE Magazine aims to be published twice yearly, with the next issue scheduled for October. Andrew and Mari are aiming to build a small team of collaborators who are designers, writers and photographers from all around the world. As they just started they are very open to new people who have interesting stories to tell about Open Spaces from near and far. Among the contributors for issue one, next to the mentioned names, are: Gixon Bilbao, Nobu Kawagoe, Ikko Yokoyama, Natsumi Sato, Shimizu, Mira Shröder, Lucrecia Althabe, Tony Horneker, Rebecca Thomas, Stefano Carnelli, Stefano Paleari, Riccardo Casiraghi, Ben Taylor, Carlo Piras, Rebeca Martin, Ana Schulz, Victor Subirana and Georg Kayser.

We really look forward to more revealing OPENHOUSE stories from all over the world!

For more information and to order online see here.