A Thousand Dawns

In September of 2013 we wrote about the fascinating story of Rob Lutter, who in 2011 had left England by bike and had travelled all the way to Hong Kong for charity. At that moment he sought new funds via Kickstarter to continue being on the road, which he eventually did. A staggering 4,5 years after Rob has left England he covered 40.000 kilometer by bike, completing a tremendous quest all around the world. With the journey officially having reached its final destination a last Kickstarter project has gone live now to create the best possible presentation of the endeavor in an elegant printed form. Rob’s goal is to publish two books: ‘A Thousand Dawns’; describing the story of the ride and ‘Lifecycle’; presenting a collection of selected photos and tales. Make sure to support this remarkable project and man, to let him reach one last final destination.

The ride is over. The worldcycle came to an end this summer when I rode into England, full circle, after four years on the road. But, a dream of mine, ever since setting off on my bike in 2011, has been to capture the world from the roadside, to one day publish the photography and write the story of all the highs and hardships of the adventure, my past and my struggle with mental health.

Inspired by books such as ‘Wild’, ‘A Thousand Dawns’ chronicles a ride around the earth and a journey into the depths of the mind. Weaving tales of childhood and the struggles of adolescence into the story of over a thousand days lived in the saddle. A book full of wonder, revelations, fears and acceptance: for who we are and what we can achieve.

Accompanying the novel is a hard backed, high print photographic book given the moniker ‘Lifecycle’. More than a hundred pages of the journey, told through a collection of incredible landscapes and faces, from greek gypsy settlements to central asian burial grounds, the jungles of Old China to the storm strewn heights of the Grand Canyon: a beautiful selection from over 4 years of photography.

The adventure raised thousands for charity, crossing thirty countries over forty thousand painful kilometers. I ran out of money countless times, slept in abandoned buildings, worked on fruit farms and in aboriginal communities to keep going and lost a bike to two car crashes.

Support Rob to finalize his incredible project!