When the concept for the inspiring fragrance innovator Commodity came up, the goal was to offer something new, or in a sense bringing back the traditional personalized, reminiscent of the French and English aristocracy, way of finding your personal fragrance, rather then smelling like everybody else. After a year of preparation a Kickstarter campaign was started in April 2013 and with a final backing that far exceeded the goal that was set a new exciting company was born. Over a year now, Commodity has online been offering premium scents without the usual markup, nicely tailored to your style and preferences, delivered all the way to your door, leaving that sincere mark that was intended on a rather generic industry, dominated by big luxury brands and marketing instead of intrinsic products.

The process is quite clear and starts at Commodity’s elegant website, where one fills out a personal scent profile, after which you receive a selection of ten scent samples based on your preferences. Without pressure of a specific timespan you have the freedom to take the time neccesary to find out what your absolute favorite is, directly from your own skin, and then you make your choice what your next scent will be. A concept not entirely new in e-commerce, but revolutionary in the fragrance industry.

In line with the traditional concept of wearing a personalized fragrance, Commodity works with experienced French perfumers for its spectrum of offered scents one choses from. In the female selection on finds names like Moss, Mimosa, Gold and Magnolia; with all containers, from the samples to the 100 ml. bottles, predominantly white with salmon lettering. For the male one finds masculine sounding scents like Whiskey, Gin and Oak, but also Cloth and Paper and all containers, which Commodity bottles in California, are black with white lettering.

We love the innovative concept, overall execution and the exquisite fragrances offered by Commodity.

For more information and to find your new personal scent see here.