The Lifecycle Adventure

Some people don’t travel, they explore. They explore new ways of crossing the world, they explore new places and new boundaries. Rob Lutter is one of those people. Two years ago, on a windy day in London, Rob Lutter got on his bike and cycled down the road, and he didn’t stop. Day after day, for 24 months, he cycled more than 15.000 kilometer all the way to Hong Kong to raise money for charity. As he has reached his initial destination and his hunger for exploration hasn’t been stilled, Lutter is now raising funds from Hong Kong for the next stage of his journey. The aim is to cross South East Asia, Indonesia, Australia, the US from west to east, with a final stretch from Scotland to England.

As over £2000 already has been successfully donated to Charity Water, the world’s biggest water aid charity. Lutter subsequently hopes to raise £20,000 during the second half of his adventure. On the one hand for UK’s leading mental health charity Mind, which help suffers of misunderstood problems like depression, schizophrenia and anorexia. On the other hand one can donate to his own charity named OCDUK, which supports sufferers, like Lutter himself, of obsessive compulsive disorder. The Englishman sees his journey much more as a mental challenge than a physical one having struggled to battle obsessive compulsive disorder all of his life, making his journey from time to time more so a battle against his internal demons than the elements.

Nevertheless, after drowning his inner voices, crossing blistering deserts and vast mountain ranges he has reached his first goal; Hong Kong, encountering so many beautiful places and people along the way, from ancient Middle Eastern citadels and Himalayan nomads to Georgian pig farming villages and 100 kilometers wide Chinese mega-cities, Lutter finds himself stranded by lack of funds to continue. This forced the adventurer to take his time in the preparations for the second stage by designing his new website, writing up journals to turn into a book upon completing the trip and setting up social channels by which people can follow him.

We can’t wait for Lutter to continue his journey and look forward to all of the beauty it produces.

Make sure to donate via Kickstarter to the inspiring Rob Lutter and follow his journey through his beautiful photography, website, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

All pictures by Rob Lutter.