Alphabet Family Journal

Tipped by the good people of OPENHOUSE Magazine we recently found out about the new triennial magazine named Alphabet Family Journal, published in Sydney, Australia. The magazine explores the heart and soul of what it means to make a home together, giving an unfiltered snapshot of modern families, in all its guises. It is a magazine that celebrates  the beauty of the everyday: from the loud chaos, to the quiet times, and all the unscripted moments in-between that merge to form a memory, a home and a family. It is this approach combined with a beautiful aesthetic that sets Alphabet Family Journal apart from a lot of other publications, truly adding something to the printed world.

Alphabet Family Journal is the a dream-come-true for founder and Creative Director Luisa Brimble, a Sydney-based photographer who has worked with the likes of Kinfolk, Frankie, Smith Journal, The Design Files and Broadsheet. Brimble has, for many years, imagined a new kind of publication that shows the true essence of family, venturing into hearts and homes from all over the world. In doing this, Brimble delivers her unique sense of warmth, generosity and serenity to the magazine, giving voice to writers from all walks of life, and displaying the incredible visual work of established and emerging photographers alike.

Luisa on the initial idea that sparked the magazine:

The concept for Alphabet Family Journal first came to me about three years ago, after I gave birth to my youngest daughter Poppy. I began to notice that parenting and family magazines seemed so focussed on either the perfection of family life, or how to ‘fit’ having a family into our hectic lifestyles. But there wasn’t a magazine that talked about the realities of what it means to have a family or to make a home together.

The first issue of the magazine brings together 74 contributors across 4 continents. Each issue presents stories, ideas and curiosities inspired by a letter of the alphabet. The first issue (Issue ‘A’) considers ways of embracing life at home together; from living with Aspergers, to the challenges of Attention in everyday life, an honest look at Adoption, a moving study of Audio in our homes and many beautiful photo essays themed Africa, Autumn Nights, Abode, Alstonville and Anticipation. Being the latest entry into the long list of inspiring endeavors financed through their own community, Alphabet Family Journal was also financed wholly by its global Kickstarter campaign, attracting support from friends, strangers, individuals, business and families from all over the world.

For more information and to order online see here.