OPENHOUSE Magazine 03

About one and a half years ago we discovered the Kickstarter campaign which funded the very first OPENHOUSE Magazine, and after its release in June of 2014 it rightly so impressed a lot of people and got picked up worldwide. Six months later the second issue was released and throughout last June and July the just as highly anticipated third magazine by founders Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal was launched at different locations in Europe. In the inspirational third chapter Andrew and Mari share their insightful and colorful stories from all over the world. We particularly love the story on our dear favorite Coloni, who were visited in their headquarters in Sweden and shared the story of their floating Pocket Park, that was set up to teach residents that you don’t need to have a large space to grow your own flowers and vegetables. Make sure to pick up the beautiful third OPENHOUSE Magazine and be inspired.

Other stories in the magazine take the reader for instance to Analiese Gregory in her weekend cabin in the foothills of Sydney. In Brooklyn, Karen Mordechai tells about her Sunday Suppers that started in her home and now has a large base of New Friends. Andrew and Mari also visited Lea and Rob’s bed & breakfast in Fiskiars, Finland, where the most is made out of the old village laundry.

We also love the story of Andrés, who takes the reader on his classic wooden sailing boat, Yanira, in the regatta of Menorca, where you can join him for a not typical sailing experience. And also the story from the Barcelona-based Las cosas de Martinez, who’s home holds weekly dinner and theatre evenings asks for a visit. In Frankfurt Jean-Claude opens his doors to his inspirational Privatoffspace, which is his home and a gallery of art.

The final story of OPENHOUSE 03 was created after 3 days in the beautiful home Can Lis, of architect Jorn Utzon in Mallorca. He loved to share the house with fellow architects and friends so much, that his family started the Utzon Foundation and give the house to architects to spend time to contemplate, think about a project, or simply take time out, and enjoy this magical piece of architecture.

Order the beautiful third (and earlier two editions) issue of OPENHOUSE Magazine online here.

Or pick it up at one of their worldwide retailers, which for Amsterdam would be Tenue de Nîmes.