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There are very few people who have inspired us more than Japanese master Kenya Hara. After his never-ending source for inspiration 'Designing Design' and 'White', the visionary force behind MUJI has returned with another insightful gem named 'Ex-formation', which was released today - brought to our attention in the latest Currently of our good friend Samuel de Goede. The concept of exformation, to which a chapter was already devoted in 'Designing Design', continues to preoccupy the Japanese designer. In contrast to 'information,' 'exformation' describes how little we really know and thus becomes the starting point for any type of design. Based on a range of projects stemming from Kenya Hara’s teaching at the Musashino Art University, the book describes what 'exformation' can look like in design practice and how this concept alters our classic understanding of information design. Following the path embarked on with his first two books, 'Ex-formation' continues to explore the void, absence, and indeterminacy in contemporary design through the vision of one of the undisputed icons of modern design. [ Continue reading ]

Michaël Verheyden at Graanmarkt 13

Next Friday, one of Belgium's most exciting contemporary designers, part of this year's Wallpaper* Magazine Power List, Michaël Verheyden, will find his way from Genk to Antwerpen, where he will open a temporary store in the beautiful concept boutique Graanmarkt 13. One of our favorite stores in Antwerp also houses an excellent restaurant, an apartment for rent and a gallery which for the occasion will also become part of Verheyden's presence. After Ferry Voorneveld had the honor as a representative of Another Something during the Limblogdesigntour, a month ago, visiting the visionary designer's studio (soon more on that visit), the temporary Antwerp-based store will underline Verheyden's unique vision on design once more, perfectly framed within the excellent environment of Graanmarkt 13. The store will house a beautiful selection of interior objects and design furniture, next to newer work of Verheyden - never shown in Belgium before - which will be for sale in the gallery on the first floor. [ Continue reading ]

The Art of Impossible

We have been following English photographer Alastair Philip Wiper for several years in which he consistently has portrayed some of the most beautiful industrial environments in the most beautiful manner. His eye always finds fascinating beauty in the at first glance practical machinery, whether it are weaving machines, the nuclear research centre CERN or a sonic weapon. Alastair's latest book is another remarkable collection of images, taking us into the world of Danish innovators Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, who founded Bang & Olufsen in 1925. Named 'The Art of Impossible' it features 240 pages - for which Wiper both shot the images and has written the texts - taking the reader behind the company's iconic logo. Delving into the stories behind each of the breakthrough, historic Bang & Olufsen designs, as well as profiles on the designers behind each innovative creation - the remarkable book forms a both insightful as incredibly eye pleasing book on the cutting edge design house. [ Continue reading ]

Rapha + Liberty

We have been following and appreciating the work of Tom Donhou, an independent frame builder based in London, since we discovered it some years ago when the British craftsman was asked to build a bike for the Rapha Continental race. Ultimately the craftsman was invited to take part in that particular race, riding the frame he built for the cause himself. The beautiful two black swallows of the Donhou logo became a regular sight in the films and photographs coming out of the UK Continental rides, and when the idea to create a bike to accompany the Rapha + Liberty launch was first suggested, Donhou's name was top of the list. Building two bespoke bikes, one for road riding and one for the city, Tom painstakingly incorporated the distinctive Rapha + Liberty print into each frame’s paintwork. Evoking the image of starlings in flight, the 1930s print from the Liberty archive is the perfect match for both Tom’s craftsmanship and the bikes themselves.  [ Continue reading ]

Stoned by Fredrik Paulsen

We are very impressed by recent discovery; Copenhagen-based gallery Etage Projects, where since October a new selection of specifically created works by Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen are on display. Named 'Stoned' the creations' departure point is the famous Swedish stone quarry 'i Öland'. Paulsen has been exploring and examining the unique qualities of the rose colored stone from the quarry and used it as the main material and inspiration for his exhibition. With his series, Fredrik Paulsen is taking a much more experimental approach towards this new body of work – allowing the material to dictate its form and function. The title reflects not only the stone as the main material in the work but the sensory and open-minded artistic process that Paulsen took in the creation of the work. [ Continue reading ]

Landscape by Danzo Design

We recently became familiar with Danzo Studio, being a new addition to the collection of Tico Oudhuis' KOHEZI platform. The company was founded in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan by designers Wei-Lun Tseng, who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and I-Han Chen who finished her education in Sweden at HDK in Gothenburg. Starting up as an entrepreneurial design brand, the duo aspires to present superior design products to the world and with their five Landscape collection of aluminium alloy organizers they have created a set of designs marrying rugged beauty and pragmatism. The collection consists of diversified habitats specified for all tabletop gadgets and/or accessories. In the different designs function always follows form, with each box lid being outfitted with a particular terrain scene. The series contains five choices of terrains; each provides unique functions for various uses. [ Continue reading ]

Destroying The Weak

We are big fans of Ghent, Belgium-based CASE STUDYO, which since its foundation has been producing numerous limited edition products/pieces of art with some of the most exciting creatives minds from all over the globe. We discovered the platform some years ago through Andy Rementer's People Blocks, after which the project really took off with everything they have been putting out flying of the shelves in no time. Two days ago CASE STUDYO presented its first collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson. The unique graphic aesthetic of the artist always roots in a 2D world of chaos, violence, sex and drugs, which the artist perfectly translated into a sculpture of 23 centimeter made out of white porcelain. Named 'Destroying the Weak' two violent characters symbolize the essence of Peterson's work: the struggle of power.  [ Continue reading ]

Chamber Collection #2

After last year's impressive debut of the New York-based inspirational boutique of limited edition design, objects and art named Chamber, this month the second annual collection, given the moniker 'Human | Nature', opened its doors. Curated by celebrated photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman who, just as his predecessors Studio Job, has worked closely with Chamber’s founder, Juan Garcia Mosqueda, in shaping the year-long project. With his curation for Chamber Collection #2, Andrew Zuckerman explores the theme of how the natural world interacts with man’s living environment as expressed through objects of design, art, and various types of ephemera. Zuckerman’s collaboration with Chamber draws on a broad array of sources, including Japanese aesthetics, ethnographic art, and biomimetics, in the service of creating a collection of objects that reintroduce organic forms or concepts into designed spaces. When in New York city this is a must see! [ Continue reading ]

The Bauhaus exhibition

On the 26th of September the inspirational  'The Bauhaus #itsalldesign' exhibition opened at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. The exhibition encompasses a multiplicity of rare, in some cases never-before-seen exhibits from the fields of design, architecture, art, film and photography at the Bauhaus. At the same time, it confronts the design of the legendary German school with current debates and tendencies in design and with the works of contemporary designers, artists and architects. In this way, the exhibition reveals the surprising present-day relevance of a legendary cultural institution. Bauhaus artists and designers featured in the exhibition include Marianne Brandt, Marcel Breuer, Lyonel Feininger, Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky and many more. Contemporary participants include the works of Olaf Nicolai, Adrian Sauer, Enzo Mari, Lord Norman Foster, Opendesk, Konstantin Grcic, Hella Jongerius, Alberto Meda and Jerszy Seymour. We can't wait to visit this extraordinary overview. [ Continue reading ]


Today a new online store - created by Concern and based on the SUPERMODELS exhibition which took place in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam last year - will officially launch for the public under the moniker Dutch Design SUPERMODELS. For the interesting endeavor, clearly inspired by the fascinating exhibition, an exclusive collection of 3D printed miniatures was created to be sold, based on more than 100 iconic Dutch designer chairs. In the collection one will finds designs like the 'Knotted Chair' by Marcel Wanders, the 'Relax Chair' by Ineke Hans, the 'Aluminium Chair' desktop by Piet Hein Eek and some of our favorite chairs every created; the 'Berlin' and 'Crate' chair by Gerrit Rietveld. If you always wanted to own some of Dutch Design's greatest heritage pieces, from now on the chance is here to own one of these icons, as a 1:6 miniature that is. [ Continue reading ]


We have been greatly appreciating the elegant work of Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland in the last few years and on the 4th of September - during Maison Objet in Paris - the inspirational creator returns with the official presentation of his latest project, which is once again quite incredible. Named poetically the 'Moment', Beller Fjetland created his new work inspired by his childhood fascination with the flickering flame – being mesmerized by the rhythm of the burning light; the concept of time seemed to slowly dissolve. The 'Moment' candle extinguisher was created to revisit just this lost meditative watch with an added reminder of its impermanence. As the flame slowly makes its way towards the bottom of the candle, the suspense builds towards its split second finale. We love this new elegant and playful creation of Fjetland! [ Continue reading ]

The Banana Show

The infamous(ly great) Studio Job returns once again with an incredible new show. For 'The Banana Show', the Antwerp- and Amsterdam-based studio of Job Smeets and partner in crime Nynke Tynagel, created a series of lamps - fitting their subversive aesthetic perfectly - shaped like peeled bananas for an exhibition which opened last month in the Belgian Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery. The limited-edition collection of Banana Lamps comprises seven different lights, including five standing models held up in different positions by the curved representations of a banana's peeled skin, as well as a hanging wall light and an oversized version. Each light features a polished bronze skin and an etched mouth-blown glass fruit filled with LED lights. The show also includes the Buoy Mirror, which has a red ring-shaped frame with four white bands and resembles a lifebuoy. The facet-cut mirror features sintered glass and hand-painted banana graphics in keeping with the exhibition's theme. Seven new ink banana drawings on A2 paper in oak frames will be displayed alongside 30 drawings taken from Job Smeets' archive from 1998 to 2005. [ Continue reading ]

Simon Freund

Although the 25-year-old talented German artist/designer Simon Freund has been creating similar products under the SIMON&ME moniker, his self-titled brand is completely new to the market after it was launched on the 1st of August 2015. The 20 immaculate objects presented in the collection perfectly reflect Freund's vision on design, functionality and aesthetics. The highly clean cut - limited - staple piece products will appeal to those who love elegant, high quality minimalist style boiled down to its core. Everything under the Simon Freund brand is being produced in Germany, given a stamped certificate of high quality authenticity, just as had been the case with the designer's former brand. We feel very inspired by the vision which clearly lays behind such a cohesive collection, very likely becoming a strong name next to the existing minimalist brands. And therewith also underlining the already high level of the SIMON&ME line, yet now presented by just Simon on the next level. [ Continue reading ]

Studio Zung Surfboards

New York City-based Studio Zung is an inspirational design studio with a focus on architecture, design and branding. We became familiar with their work through the latest project of its founder, architect Tommy Zung, who recently designed an incredible collection of surfboards (and skateboards for that matter, which were initially designed for Zung’s 13-year-old son, Kaikoa) collection, the Zung Ride. After having surfed in Montauk, Mundaka, Biarritz, and far beyond for over 30 years, the designer decided to translate his love for surfing in boards from his own aesthetic vision which he feels have “very good shapes that make you surf better.” Designed in-house, and hand-shaped in Southern California, the 7, 8, 9-foot-long boards are made from polyurethane foam and fibreglass and finished with either paint or resin tint, with the graphics being inspired by the incredible work of Ellsworth Kelly. We love both the colors and shapes and how the two elements make the Zung Ride some of the most aesthetic boards out there. [ Continue reading ]

Cycle Revolution

We really look forward to the end of the year when on the 18th of November a very interesting new exhibition on bicycles will open in the London-based Design Museum. Inspired by the new found interest in bicycles and cycling in Britain, which started somewhere in the beginning of this century, the museum felt the urge to focus on the craftsman bicycle makers, who tailor machines to the precise specifications of their users. Cycling has grown into a passion of many, having become a part of their identity - be it as a stylish way to get from A to B or as a fiercely competitive sport. Which will all be represented in the exhibition named 'Cycle Revolution': bringing together bicycles, clothing, accessories, equipment, film and photography to tell the powerful, personal and sometimes remarkable stories of cyclists and the machines that move them. We can't wait to visit! [ Continue reading ]

Han Koning

Han Koning is a very talented Dutch designer who has been developing hand made industrial designs for over a decade from his studio in Groningen. His earliest success came in 2002 when still at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he created a vase for retail chain HEMA dedicated to unfortunate flowers with snapped stems, named the '103% Vase'. In the following years a series of designs preceded that introduction to the world from the 'llevel', 'SpaceFrame CC' to the incredible 'Static Plastic'. Han filters things out of everyday life and transforms them into conceptual yet practical objects and interiors in collaboration with artists designers and architects. His never ending desire for innovation and creativity brought him early to 3D printing and the abilities it provides for designing, prototyping and manufacturing. Inspiration for new products comes from everywhere he is, ranging from nature to technology. From an ever-growing archive of photos, sketches and material/technical experiments, new products continue to grow from his innovative Development Room. [ Continue reading ]

Round Square Teaware

The 'Round Square Teaware' is the latest creation by the talented Taiwan-based designer Chuntso Liu. The designer, who was also responsible for the fascinating 'Ripple Tray' in 2009, presents a new range of tableware, which he created for Taiwanese design company Koan Design. The collection of tableware is the result of Liu's study of the laws of the universe and his fascination for the emulation with nature, from which humans create objects. While the rounded cups and the elegant teapot are an organic and logical shape for holding water, the cube-shaped handles are a tangibly human expression left on the surface that creates a subtle yet striking contrast, transcending functionality through decoration that both adds meaning to the object and forms an emotional bond with the user - aimed for by the designer. Aesthetically the 'Round Square Teaware' is clean, modern and highly appealing. We love this work by Liu. [ Continue reading ]

Astier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte has been making handmade ceramics in Paris since 1996, following in the tradition of the great 18th century Parisian ceramic studios. The most famous Parisian manufacturer, Pont-aux-Choux, produced thousands of ceramic pieces in the 18th Century, right in the heart of the Latin Quarter, with other ceramic studios subsequently prospering in the Paris region in the 19th century. Successor to these famous manufacturers, Astier de Villatte is now the one and only major studio to keep the tradition of artisanal ceramic production in Paris alive. In 2008 a distinct addition was made to the output of Astier de Villatte in a collaboration with one of Takasago’s star perfumers, Françoise Caron, and her team of young perfumers. The result is a collection of an Eaux de Cologne, hand care products and our favorite: 33 scented vegetable-wax candles, each with a delicate scent that is never overpowering. Delectable both unlit and burning, the candles are encased in effervescent glass pots as well as signature Astier de Villatte white ceramic goblets. In our eyes, this makes Astier de Villatte one of the most interesting modern brands through their extraordinary skill to reinterpret techniques and aesthetics from past. [ Continue reading ]


On the 30th of April, a very special new meeting place for lovers of art, design and food opened its doors in the city of Amsterdam. In a monumental building in between the streets Rokin and Nes, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The initiative of cultural entrepreneur Jessica Voorwinde combines an exhibition space for art and design and a spectacular barroom, which was designed by Lex Pott, resulting in an incredible hybrid for lovers of food and art under one roof. By collaborating with astonishing people of the creative industry Voorwinde created a playground for all art-lovers. A place where people can meet and enjoy various inspiring events and exhibitions, taste some amazing ’culture bites’, have a drink at the marmor bar or buy a design from exquisite designers. Whenever visiting Amsterdam make sure to stop by and be inspired. [ Continue reading ]

The Martell Flask by Yorgo&Co.

Looking back at the last Salone del Mobile, which took place two weeks ago, we remain super impressed by one of the incredible new designs which were revealed in Milano. As part of the yearly wallpaper* Handmade exhibition, the renown designer/art director Yorgo Tloupas - together with his Yorgo&Co company - created an extraordinary design, combining different loves of his: cycling, design, and drinking cognac. The Martell flask (forming a beautiful follow-up to the Pinel et Pinel's collaboration) as envisioned by Tloupas consists of a top two-thirds, which contains water for the bike ride, and the bottom third contains Martell cognac, for the celebration. Making it our clear favorite out of this year's wallpaper* Handmade - the magazine’s sixth groundbreaking exhibition dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design, of which the flask in our eyes is a prime example. We just love the both robust and elegant design by Tloupas, having created what without a doubt is the most beautiful flask ever for cycling. [ Continue reading ]

Fountain Flow

Earlier this year, the Shanghai-based design studio Atelier I-N-D-J teamed up with CTHM Architects to create this extraordinary project named 'Fountain Flow' for the Fountain Restaurant in Shanghai. Set within the bustling lifestyle district of Shanghai's Xintandi, the installation for the RIBA's 'Shanghai Windows' is a dramatic public centre piece designed to re-connect the public space with its immediate surroundings. Receiving over 1.000.000 visitors each month, Xintiandi is a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with bars, restaurants, shops and cafe's that is both a destination and a distraction. The site is located at the heart of Xintaindi yet just off the beating pulse; at the rear of a courtyard where most passers by do just that, pass by. The aim was to re-energize this particular area of the courtyard and with it bring a renewed focus, enlivening the Fountain restaurant with a striking installation that would disrupt the usual thoroughfare and draw visitors to this part of the complex. We love this extraordinary design. [ Continue reading ]

KOHEZI presenting the Y studio pens

Last month a very interesting new Amsterdam-based platform for craftsmanship and design from all around the world was officially launched by its founder Tico Oudhuis - who's also one of the founders behind VANOUDS, known for their beautiful handmade walnut tables. The new project named KOHEZI searches for beauty in the ordinary, finding inspiration in - as they state it themselves - clean design, dirty streets, nature life, city hectics, fresh flowers and old bricks. The first products available through KOHEZI are the fine Vørding gin, which is distilled in Amsterdam, jewelry by Berlin-based Simon&Me and finally the extraordinary pens by Y studio from Taiwan - which are incredible. The Taiwanese studio creates fine artifacts which can be used for a lifetime, and passed down from generation to generation. Their beautiful stationary collection is made from pure copper and brass, with a simple, minimalist design combined with elegant, pristine materials. The line includes two rollerball pens, a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, a sketching pen, a pen container and a pen case.  [ Continue reading ]


New York City-based design studio PELLE creates objects and design for the modern age. Merging architectural practice and pristine craftwork, founders Jean and Oliver Pelle imbue their collections with a keen aesthetic and studied attention to functionality. Their pieces are to be lived with, handled, worn, and enjoyed. At the heart of PELLE’s work is a fusing of primary elements with modern form – geologic lines repurposed, blown glass and coiled leather forged to light contemporary spaces. We first discovered the work of Jean and Oliver when their - now famous - Soap Stones were first released after they had created them as a submission to the NYC destination exhibit for MoMA. The appealing form and feel of the Stones show their fine feeling for aesthetics, but when looking beyond it one sees a diversity in PELLE's creations, offering way more than the sharp lines of the soap objects - PELLE's catalogue is both elegant and playful, two elements which the two designers have merged masterfully. [ Continue reading ]

eBay and Sotheby’s

Today, eBay and Sotheby’s will launch the first two live events in the all new Sotheby’s live auctions experience with the themes 'Photographs', starting at 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT), and 'New York' starting at 20:00 EDT (0:00 GMT tomorrow). The experience enables art aficionados and casual collectors alike to participate in Sotheby’s live auctions anytime, anywhere with the same confidence and access of those bidding in person in the New York salesroom. The Sotheby’s live auctions destination features an innovative Museum View transitions, that bring the experience of walking through a museum or gallery to life in the online world – including enhanced zoom, in-context images, and item-level video. Participants - regardless of their location - see the exact same item and current real-time bidding online and experience real-time bidding sensitive to the millisecond. Today's auctions include work by Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, Brassaï,  Robert Longo, next to the New York Yankees stadium sign from circa 1973. We love this promising collaboration between the two retail giants, make sure to check out the gems going on sale today - and try your luck. [ Continue reading ]