Han Koning

Han Koning is a very talented Dutch designer who has been developing hand made industrial designs for over a decade from his studio in Groningen. His earliest success came in 2002 when still at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he created a vase for retail chain HEMA dedicated to unfortunate flowers with snapped stems, named the ‘103% Vase’. In the following years a series of designs preceded that introduction to the world from the ‘llevel’, ‘SpaceFrame CC’ to the incredible ‘Static Plastic’. Han filters things out of everyday life and transforms them into conceptual yet practical objects and interiors in collaboration with artists designers and architects. His never ending desire for innovation and creativity brought him early to 3D printing and the abilities it provides for designing, prototyping and manufacturing. Inspiration for new products comes from everywhere he is, ranging from nature to technology. From an ever-growing archive of photos, sketches and material/technical experiments, new products continue to grow from his innovative Development Room.

Han’s way of working is driven not by any style or trend, but by his love for turning techniques inside out and for experimenting with materials and form.

We particularly like the ‘Static Plastic’ which Koning released in 2009, being an elegantly designed series of randomly formed lamps, made from opaque white PETG. Every lamp is slightly different in height dimension, due to the technique developed by the designer, called random thermo forcing. The material is heated and deformed into its final shape. The lamps are subtly numbered, with orders above 5 pieces the name of the client can be added in this signing.

Recently the designer decided to try to find a new form for his most famous creation, the ‘103% Vase’, proving that 3D printing and arts can be combined perfectly. Another reason for this second edition was the fact that his original product is no longer available for purchase and the former version in ceramic was rather fragile. For the new vase Han turned to 3D printing and another material – PLA, which lasts longer than ceramics and is made from renewable resources. It makes the new ‘103% Vase’ eco-friendly and, at the same time, more difficult to become victim of some jumping pet. The new edition of ‘103% Vase’ is thus produced by the hands of the designer himself and not by some mass-producing factory.

All results of Han’s experimentation are for sale, to order. Each product is made solely for you and is thus unique – so expect a little delivery time. One is welcome to drop by the Development Room and see your product being made.

For more information and to order Han Koning’s work see here.