Landscape by Danzo Design

We recently became familiar with Danzo Studio, being a new addition to the collection of Tico Oudhuis’ KOHEZI platform. The company was founded in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan by designers Wei-Lun Tseng, who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and I-Han Chen who finished her education in Sweden at HDK in Gothenburg. Starting up as an entrepreneurial design brand, the duo aspires to present superior design products to the world and with their five Landscape collection of aluminium alloy organizers they have created a set of designs marrying rugged beauty and pragmatism. The collection consists of diversified habitats specified for all tabletop gadgets and/or accessories. In the different designs function always follows form, with each box lid being outfitted with a particular terrain scene. The series contains five choices of terrains; each provides unique functions for various uses.

Organizers that introduce a collection of diversified habitats specified for all tabletop gadgets.

The ‘Valley’ design is inspired by the rift valley of East Taiwan, Valley is suitable for long and wide objects such as a pair of glasses, a smartphone or business cards. Except for the room within the box, the ridges that go up and down from both front and side views also create multidimensional spaces for storage.

The creation named ‘Hill is mainly designed for jewelry and accessories, Hill consists of three high-rises that differ from sizes. Larger accessories, such as bracelets and watches, can be positioned around the highest hill, while each elevation also collocates one sink on the top, which is perfect for placing rings, necklaces and earrings.

‘Volcano’ breaks up the stereotype of an ordinary box by creating an opening on the lid, allowing the users to place pens, rulers, and markers into the crater. The lava lines that flow out from it divide the surface into four grids, suitable for displaying tiny objects such as pins, erasers, clips and paper marks.

The design named ‘Waterfall’ is divided into two levels of elevations that are wide and useful. The meander river on highland is engraved for preventing cylinder objects, such as screws or lipsticks, from sliding, while the lower lake is good for placing larger items, for example, keys, tools, lighters and even a wallet.

And lastly, the ‘Basic’ design stands out as a special component in Landscape series. It is mainly designed for being stacked beneath the above four terrain scenes to build up vertical structures of boxes for saving more space for the work area. Besides, it is also capable to be used alone as an all-purpose storage unit.

The beautiful Landscape collection by Danzo Design is available through Tico Oudhuis’ inspirational online platform KOHEZI – which has been growing a collection of amazingly great yet simple designs, since it was founded last year.

Order the Landscape collection here.