Simon Freund

Although the 25-year-old talented German artist/designer Simon Freund has been creating similar products under the SIMON&ME moniker, his self-titled brand is completely new to the market after it was launched on the 1st of August 2015. The 20 immaculate objects presented in the collection perfectly reflect Freund’s vision on design, functionality and aesthetics. The highly clean cut – limited – staple piece products will appeal to those who love elegant, high quality minimalist style boiled down to its core. Everything under the Simon Freund brand is being produced in Germany, given a stamped certificate of high quality authenticity, just as had been the case with the designer’s former brand. We feel very inspired by the vision which clearly lays behind such a cohesive collection, very likely becoming a strong name next to the existing minimalist brands. And therewith also underlining the already high level of the SIMON&ME line, yet now presented by just Simon on the next level.

Simon Freund’s collection is grounded in permanent objects that are further added to in irregular regularity.

Born in Königstein im Taunus, Simon Freund is an artist working in the field of consumable goods, who started out at the age of 18 with his first endeavors in design. We first noticed his work through his label SIMON&ME, which he started in 2010 together with Alexander Rückheim – a fellow student of Simon at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, from which the designer dropped out after one year. Together they realized their shared dream of building a collection and opening their SIMON&ME store in Berlin two years later in 2012.

This month a new path has been revealed for Freund, who steps out on its own with some of the signature designs and a similar clean aesthetic which gathered him the global attention of his SIMON&ME brand. Each object in the newly introduced Simon Freund collection is a reflection of the designer’s very personal understanding of design, aesthetic and functionality.With a profound understanding for design and the use of materials, Simon Freund continues his collaborations with local German designers, craftsmen and manufacturers in the production of his new line, living up to the high expectations after the succes of SIMON&ME by opening an ambitious new chapter.

Photography by Luca Aimee.

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