Destroying The Weak

We are big fans of Ghent, Belgium-based CASE STUDYO, which since its foundation has been producing numerous limited edition products/pieces of art with some of the most exciting creatives minds from all over the globe. We discovered the platform some years ago through Andy Rementer’s People Blocks, after which the project really took off with everything they have been putting out flying of the shelves in no time. Two days ago CASE STUDYO presented its first collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson. The unique graphic aesthetic of the artist always roots in a 2D world of chaos, violence, sex and drugs, which the artist perfectly translated into a sculpture of 23 centimeter made out of white porcelain. Named ‘Destroying the Weak’ two violent characters symbolize the essence of Peterson’s work: the struggle of power. 

Clean Peterson’s work portrays a gray world where law breakers and law enforcers are one in the same; a world where ethics have been abandoned in favor of personal entitlement.

The Seattle-born and Los Angeles-based Cleon Peterson has become known worldwide for his portrayals of an anxiety-riddled world, violence is the status quo. His dystopian scenes evoke Thomas Hobbes’ description of life as war between individuals: “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Deviance is simply the norm, and the displaced individual is forced to navigate this wicked world alone, finding hollow bits of pleasure and meaning in violence, sex, religion and drugs. The brutality of the figures he created for CASE STUDYO, combined with the fine porcelain tails make the edition a true reflection of Peterson’s work into a sculpture, hopefully inspiring the artist to create more sculptural work in the future.

CASE STUDYO was born out of the creative agency Toykyo Productions. In 2012 they decided that it was time to take the limited edition artworks to the next level and give it dedicated focus. The rich history of Toykyo art-collabs and productions can be found on the website of CASE STUDYO, as the foundation of their new venture. Since the start the collaborations have resulted into fine art works, furniture or other functional objects.

With our projects we strive to push new boundaries of art a bit further and grab the art of today and share it through the limited series.

All 20 ‘Destroying The Weak’ pieces were sold out in two days.
Keep a sharp eye out for the next collaboration to have a chance to own a piece..

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