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Stone Island Archivio ‘982-‘012

Last year in May iconic fashion label Stone Island released this interesting and aesthetically appealing overview of its own history called Stone Island Archivio '982-'012 in association with publisher Silvana Editoriale and art directed by Simon Foxton and Nick Griffiths. In the book the story of the Italian label, founded by Massimo Osti, that reinvented sportswear is told in more than 300 iconographic color images of garments from the Stone Island archives. Making it an interesting examination into the immense archive of the label that includes 20.000 garments and which contains most of the immense wealth of knowledge and experience on which the brand is founded. [ Continue reading ]

Protein Journal

We really like the new and improved Protein Journal by the inspiring people of Protein. The subject of the first revamped issue is The City. It features articles including a write-up by design critic and author Stephen Bayley on the true value of urban living, a stunning photo piece from film maker Will Robson-Scott chronicling gang life in Chicago named 'Chi Raq' and The Urban Think-Thank piece by Tag Christof featuring the series of pictures of Torre David by my brother. A chat with Nelly Ben Hayoun, the wildly inventive mind behind NASA’s International Space Orchestra, can be found in it as well as a 30 page Insight section featuring extensive investigations into the nature of modern, urban life around the world. [ Continue reading ]

Sharing Paths by Ruben Brulat

After going for a month to India, a few weeks in Patagonia, and a few in Nepal, the idea grew in 24-year-old Ruben Brulat's mind to go for a long and unstopped journey, an aesthetic travel, leaving from Gare de Lyon, Paris. Brulat decided to go East. From Europe to Asia by land only, through Iraq, Iran, onto Afghanistan, Tibet until Indonesia, Japan and Mongolia. Inspired by his first trips, Brulat realised that he wanted to see and share the experience of giving yourself away to nature in a photography-project. Early january 2011 the Frenchman asked the first person to pose naked in a landscape for him to photograph, trying to create a symbiosis with the surroundings. Last September Brulat succeeded in finding funds to release a beautiful self published book of this series of photographs taken all over the world which was named Sharing Paths. [ Continue reading ]

Modern Matter 05

We really like the 5th issue of Modern Matter which was created around the concept of stellar. This is a homonym for its cover star, Stella Tennant on the first place, but is also a word to describe her. 'The interior space of a magazine is defined, by and large, by its writers, its artists and its photographers, while the outer space is often defined by a cover model. Here, Stella Tennant, iconic, playful, a born performer, and above all, independent, embodies the interior and the ethos of Modern Matter magazine, in its first truly unisex issue.' [ Continue reading ]

Kinfolk Digital

We have followed and appreciated Kinfolk Magazine since its first printed publication in 2011 and applaud the introduction of Kinfolk Digital, the brand-new online platform for all things Kinfolk. The online platform promises to be a great digital match for the already proven lovely printed publication. Besides being the online counterpart of the publication, the new platform also offers several new exclusive features which significantly broaden the Kinfolk-horizon. [ Continue reading ]

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin’s Holy Bible

The London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin won the Deutsche Börse photography prize on the 10th of June with their fascinating 2012 book War Primer 2 which was published very limited to only 100 copies by Mack Books. They were presented with the £30,000 award by the film director Mike Figgis at the Photographers' Gallery in London. In the book Broomberg and Chanarin rework Bertolt Brecht's original War Primer from 1955 using internet screenshots and mobile phone pictures to comment on the role of photography in the "war on terror." Beside receiving praise for War Primer 2 this month, the duo also released another extremely fascinating book called The Holy Bible. In the publication the provocateurs have carefully overlaid images from The Archive of Modern Conflict onto each page of the Bible. The duo believes that their selected images are representative of the horror and madness of global catastrophes (Western) society has become insensitive to, due to the filtration of those images by mainstream media. [ Continue reading ]

Mapp Editions

In the believe that the illustrated books of the past should have a digital life, Mapp Editions was founded in 2011 in London by acclaimed art publisher Michael Mack, antiquarian bookseller and entrepreneur John Koh, and renowned digital designer Jean-Michel Dentand. Now working with international renowned museums, libraries, collections, curators and artists, they already published an extremely beautiful and fascinating list of books which are available on your iPad. Amongst them these rare works on sport in China, originally published for the use of English communities in the ports of Tientsin (Tianjin) and Amoy (Xiamen). They really incite our imagination and love for collecting!  [ Continue reading ]

MADE Quarterly

We really appreciate MADE Quarterly, the journal of which it's first issue was released last October in a collaboration between Process and Hunt Studio, also responsible for the successful Process Journal. MADE is created in Melbourne by the individuals behind the studio, graphic designer Thomas Williams and his partner, creative consultant Amber Hourigan. The journal focusses on creativity in the broad sense of the word, covering the inspiring processes of creative individuals out of a broad spectrum of fields from around the globe. Instead of a focus on solely the end-product or services, MADE’s goal is to find out what the drive is for creatives from different fields of expertise. In the first edition this includes individuals from the field of architecture, product design, photography, graphic design and the culinary world. [ Continue reading ]

Serrote Soap Notebook

Lisbon-based couple Nuno Neves and Susana Viela of Serrote make limited-edition notebooks for connoisseurs and collectors of typographical gems. Printed on vintage Heidelberg presses, their graphic design is inspired by items from popular Portuguese culture such as tablecloths found at traditional luncheonettes and the shape of traditional biscuits. They also make special editions of notebooks experimenting with designs and materials, using their craft to the fullest.  [ Continue reading ]

Takeo Paper

While running around with our Tenue de Nîmes crew I was invited by Takeo Paper, to visit their head office and showroom in Tokyo. Takeo, a paper trading company founded more than a century ago, in 1899, brings the tradition of Japanese paper (wash) to a next level. Entering the high-white showroom you could easily thinking you arrived in a laboratory. Small cabinets filled with a rainbow of paper. More than 9000 kinds of paper, in every colour of the rainbow, from super light weight to massive cardboard, this place is a walhalla for everyone who loves paper, textures, tactility and luxurious materials. [ Continue reading ]

Closed cities

In Closed Cities published by Kehrer Verlag, Gregor Sailer examines the forms taken by closed cities in Siberia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Chile, Algeria/Western Sahara and Argentina. The term 'closed city' was originally coined for the Soviet Union, where, for various reasons, the existence of numerous towns was long kept secret. Some of them were not officially revealed and added to maps until the beginning of this century.  [ Continue reading ]

Where Chefs Eat

Where Chefs Eat is the latest publication on dining by Phaidon. The publication, with an aesthetic reminiscent of commercial printing from the 1950s and '60s, features over four hundred chefs who have given restaurant recommendations in the ultimate insiders' guide. The chefs recommend restaurants in eight categories: breakfast, late night, regular neighbourhood, local favorite, bargain, high end, wish I'd opened, and worth the travel. The book is organised by continent and divided by city, but restaurants are listed in no particular order making the use of the guide somewhat of an surprise act.  [ Continue reading ]

Tê Timer

Tê Timer is a collaboration between Swedish Afteroom and Taiwanese Waterfall, materializing the relationship between tea and time in one product. The joint venture is a bound publication of a graphic arts collection curated by Waterfall and at the same time a container of a tea brick produced by Afteroom.  [ Continue reading ]


powerHouse Books just published Whitewash, a book by LA based photographer Nicholas Alan Cope and his view on LA. Images of the desolate concrete architecture, high in contrast, black and white, bleached by the sun, as a perfect translation of the city's core. [ Continue reading ]

The Art of Sergei Sviatchenko

'Everything goes right and left if you want it' is the title of the first publication on Sergei Sviatchenko, the good man behind Close Up and Private. The Berlin-based publisher Gestalten released this beautiful book featuring Sviatchenko's modern collages and keen eye on colour. "In the world of contemporary art, Sviatchenko is a provocateur. He draws on and harnesses all of the cultural tides he has experienced in 40 years of image-making. Sviatchenko’s oeuvre spans the known and the unimaginable. It cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals to merge pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture and science with the logic of dreams." [ Continue reading ]

Fool Magazine

We would like to present to you yet another (overwhelmingly beautiful) food magazine named FOOL. Don't be misguided by the name of the magazine, because the magazine founded by Swedish husband and wife Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen is nothing to be fooled with. Lotta and Per-Anders named the magazine 'FOOL' as a play on the word 'Food' and foolishness which is what modern gastronomy is about in their eyes. The exquisite eye of the highly experienced food photographer Per-Anders makes that FOOL takes food photography to the next level. [ Continue reading ]

Gather Journal

Via our friends at Protein we discovered another great new (food) magazine: Gather Journal. The bi-annual magazine created by former NYLON fashion editors Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo started out of their shared love for food and wanted to be more than your average recipe-based magazine with boring aesthetic. Assisted by the renowned food stylist and chef Maggie Ruggiero who edited the recipes, they created the first issue in only three months. Every issue has one particular theme (the first issue is based around the theme Float)  and is divided into chapters, based on the way we divide our meals into amuse bouches, starters, mains, and desserts. [ Continue reading ]

Creative for Us – from Romania

Something for a rainy sunday afternoon like this: A new publication from a corner of Europe where we’d least expect it from: Bucharest, Romania. Creative director Stefan Trifan started an art, culture and fashion magazine bringing together the best ideas and most wonderful people of Romania. Featuring interviews,… [ Continue reading ]