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Editions Bessard – Ramadan in Yemen

We love books, especially when they are really well made. Editions Bessard was started by the Parisian photographer Pierre Bessard (know for his amazing book ‘Wuhan Boiler Company Workers‘) and is now growing into one of those publishers with an amazing portfolio of publications, limited editions… [ Continue reading ]

The Allure of Men

We’re picking up the gift guide we started last year with this lovely book by Assouline: The Allure of Men by Francois Baudot. A collection of the most desired, envied, and debonair men in history. Paintings and photographs of famous and lesser-known figures dating back almost… [ Continue reading ]

The Travel Almanac 02

While enjoying some lovely days of in Napoli and around, driving the amazing Costa Amalfi and climbing the Vesuvius, it’s good to see one of my favorite magazines released their second issue. In this issue of The Travel Almanac, acclaimed artist and former fashion designer Helmut Lang shares… [ Continue reading ]

Master Mind

Victionary released a new book called MasterMind. A inspiring 288 pages counting book on art direction, fashion styling and visionary photography. The world of fashion has always been motivated by new ideas and changes. Parallel to its evolution are the images put up by visionary art directors and… [ Continue reading ]

Demo Magazine

Demo, the free independent music magazine that uncovers the most exciting and interesting emerging talent Australia has to offer, just released their 4th issue. Created in 2006 by award winning creative agency Moffitt.Moffitt. – Demo has gone on to fill the void between… [ Continue reading ]

Underscore in the Neighborhood

Underscore Magazine asked me to share my neighborhood favorites with the rest of the world in their new issue ‘The Fight’. I suggest you to buy the magazine, listen to the tracks to accompany your reading pleasure and enjoy this truly lovely magazine! Meanwhile you can read my favorites here.

— ‘Five years ago, we moved from Amsterdam to Utrecht, 40 km south of Amsterdam. It is the fourth biggest city of the Netherlands, but small enough to cross on your feet. Moving from Amsterdam to Utrecht is something like moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn; it is not that far, it is a calmer place and you don’t have to walk over the heads of tourists.
My favorite places in Utrecht have a good mix of everything: [ Continue reading ]


Photographer Anne Schwalbe just released a new book called Wiese. A lovely series of images about meadows, poetic and dreamy pictures of grassland. It brings back to mind the good memories on summer evening walks with friends, or cold winter days in the field. There’s a… [ Continue reading ]

The White Review No. 3

As a loyal supporter of the magazine I couldn’t let it unnoticed. The 3rd issue of The White Review is just released with featured interviews with writers Will Self and Marina Warner, and an unusual discussion on artistic collaboration and contemporary art with Danish conceptual duo Elmgreen &… [ Continue reading ]

Looking at Trees

The Dutch publisher Roma Publication just published this amazing little book ‘Looking at Trees’ by Irene Kopelman. In subtile dots and fragile lines she puts on paper the essence of a tree in two series of water color drawings over 40 pages. In an edition of… [ Continue reading ]

The book of Wine

Our favorite wine magazine Tong is about to publish its first book called Wine. A book with 288 pages beautifully illustrated with everything you need to know about wine. What does good wine taste like? How do I choose wine from a supermarket shelf? How to… [ Continue reading ]

Grace Perry in Scion Magazine

Last week I was invited to LA to drive the new Scion iQ, a compact and super innovative car that will fit in an average pickup trunk. The car, also known as the Toyota iQ in Europe and Asia, will be released with a huge creative campaign, covering the music-, art-, photography- and fashion-scene with exhibitions, concerts, festivals and the launch of a magazine.
Since we’re not the car blog where we will feature all the tech specs but only want to share everything esthetic in lifestyles across the globe, we decided to do a pre-publication of the magazine which will be released September the 17th in the US. A piece of sic-fi where dogs get jetpacks and books have infinite blank pages to fill with lead pencils that would never go dull. Enjoy a story where metal meets sci-fi and fantasy. [ Continue reading ]

The Road to Rabat

Last june our friends from Habbekrats celebrated the release of their first movie Rabat. During the shoot, Dutch photographer Dennis Duijnhouwer traveled with the crew, all the way from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain into Morocco to document this beautiful story, and to… [ Continue reading ]

100 most exceptional

Tomorrow I will visit LA for the presentation of a new car. To get me a little in the mood I stumbled upon this new publication by Assouline: The Impossible Collection of Cars, The 100 most exceptional cars of the twentieth century. “It is the… [ Continue reading ]

Redeeming Indigo

A few weeks back we were pointed to an article written by Michael Taussig called ‘Redeeming Indigo’. The article was published by Theory, Culture & Society ((SAGE, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore), Vol. 25(3): 1–15)  back in 2008 but after a little research I found out… [ Continue reading ]

The Travel Almanac

At the start of my trips to Berlin, Norway, Manchester and Lucca of last month I picked up the first issue of The Travel Almanac. A new, fresh and beautiful designed magazine featuring a really nice special on Japanese Ryokans (ultra-traditional countryside hotels), interviews with David… [ Continue reading ]

Odo Yakuza Tokyo

Last week we were tipped by Anneke, our Journal de Nîmes contributor from Tokyo, about this amazing book. Years ago, photographer Anton and his brother Malik Kusters met a member of the Yakuza, the Tokyo maffia. From that day Anton started following them. Highly unusual for… [ Continue reading ]

Where They Create

Over the past 20 years our friend Paul Barbera photographed all the studios of people whose work he loves and whose space he likes. Over the past years he published the stories on his blog Where They Create and now, finaly, he’ll release his first book, published by… [ Continue reading ]

The Youth

Today Acne launched its 12th issue of Acne Paper, The Youth Issue. ‘While being young is one thing that most people are pretty good at, it is more unusual to be exceptionally good at something when you are very young. This issue focus on the young people who… [ Continue reading ]


Last week a chunk of new magazine issues hit the doormat… The new issue of Monocle for some international style and retail inspiration with their new Quality of Life index. The new Diner Journal for the best American recipes. The beautiful issue of The… [ Continue reading ]

The Plant Journal

A new bi-annual publication from Spain. The Plant Journal offers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who love plants along with botanical contents in a simple and personal way. It reminds me on Apartemento, friends from the publishers and based in Barcelona too. [ Continue reading ]

The Green Soccer Journal 2

It’s there! Well, it’s almost there. The second issue of The Green Soccer Journal provides a look into the world of French football and includes their first double cover featuring France legend Patrick Vieira and their rising star Mamadou Sakho. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!… [ Continue reading ]

The White Review No. 2

Tomorrow The White Review will launch its second issue. We were so fortunate to get a sneak preview in this beautiful designed magazine - a feast for the eyes, but more important for the mind since it's a magazine focussed on in-depth interviews, short stories, poetry, essays, reportage and just a little artwork and photography. [ Continue reading ]


A new publication by Lay Flat: DUNE by Dutch photographer Misha de Ridder. "Somewhere in densely populated Holland exists a twilight zone where it is possible to travel in time: a small strip of dunes separating polder and sea, just a twenty minute drive from the city of Amsterdam." In DUNE, Misha de Ridder unveils natural scenes so estranged and mysterious that they could be described as unreal realities. [ Continue reading ]

William Magazine Vol. 01

Another new magazine hits the newsstands: William Magazine. A semi-annual magazine featuring the works of two select artists. The magazine provides an unrestricted creative outlet, giving each artist complete freedom to shape their half of the issue. The first release features Sincerely Yours, a swedish… [ Continue reading ]